Options for class topics

Below is a long list of ideas for possible class topics. Be ready to put in your vote for your top 10 in class Friday. And, if you have other ideas, feel free to share them in class also.

Possible topics for this semester’s classes

  1. Futurism (retro-, afro-, etc.): Modernity and what it’s like to be “futuristic.”
  2. Hard Science and Masculinity: Where are the women in computing, physics, engineering?
  3. More Work For Mother: A gender and domestic technologies.
  4. Paradigms and Scientific Progress: Kuhn, and a theory of scientific change
  5. Fact vs. Inclusion? the debate over creationism and evolution in schools
  6. Night Terrors, Friendly Apparitions: Visionary experiences and scientific religion
  7. HeLa cells and tissue cultures: Boundaries of the human and ethical questions for life in the lab.
  8. Eugenics: the rise and fall of social Darwinism
  9. Problems and Promise of Human Genetic Engineering
  10. Monsanto’s Reach: Copyrighting life for profit
  11. I.Q.: The troubled history of intelligence measures and race in America.
  12. How Race Becomes Biology: Embodiment of Social Inequality
  13. Mutation: Representations of normal and abnormal
  14. Trans-humanism: What is our new stage of evolution after the human?
  15. The Day After Trinity: The A-Bomb and Oppenheimer’s Faustian bargain
  16. Hiroshima Diary / Eco-cyde in Vietnam: Technologies of war and death from below
  17. Concrete Jungle: Looking for nature in the city
  18. Wild Ones: Changing ideas of “the wild” in American society
  19. Ideologies of Environmentalism: Where does Nature’s value come from?
  20. Ecology without Nature: A critique of the Nature concept.
  21. Apocalypse in Contemporary Science Fiction
  22. Collapse: Will we survive climate change?
  23. How We Once Lived: Current thoughts on prehistoric humanity
  24. Animal Sacrifice: The practice and ethics of testing on animals.
  25. Why Don’t We Just Eat Dogs? Carnism and the case for animal rights.
  26. Companion Species: the co-evolution of humans and animals
  27. Alone Together: Do new digital media make us incapable of real connection?
  28. Studying the Digital Self: Understanding online self representations
  29. Plain Living: is an Amish life better than fixing things?
  30. The Digital Divide: Who has access and who is left behind?
  31. The Medium is the Message: Marshall McLuhan and the shaping of culture through media
  32. The Truth of the Image: Susan Sontag on photography
  33. Hypertext Utopias: Visions of digital liberation
  34. New Audio Media: Music and Soundscape
  35. New Electronic Literature and Virtual Art
  36. Blogging as a New Medium of Writing
  37. Finding Love Online: Internet Dating and Mediated Attachments
  38. The Railway Journey: the industrialization of time and space
  39. Viral Memes: Ideas as organisms
  40. Robots Who Care: The ethical problems and the future of care-taking
  41. Cyborg Manifesto: A vision of post-human feminism
  42. Intelligent Machines, Feeling Machines? Androids and AIs
  43. Falling in Love with Siri: Representations of androids and desire.
  44. The Science of Happiness
  45. Mindfulness, Distraction, and Attention
  46. Form Cradle to Cradle: Design and Waste
  47. Big Brother Watching? Surveillance and Bio-Politics
  48. Born this Way? The science and the emergence of “homosexuality”
  49. Speaking from the heart: a primer on non-violent communication
  50. What Makes Life Unique? Auto-poiesis vs. Automation
  51. Food Inc.: The Consequences of Mass Production of Food
  52. Someday We Will All be Disabled: Ability, Disability, Identity
  53. What’s Wrong With Being Fat? Cultures of bodily ideal
  54. Thinking beyond ourself: Situated cognition and collective emotion
  55. Critical Pedagogy: How do learning institutions (like OSU) transform us and is there a better way?

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