“Evolution v. Creationism: A Short History” talk by Isaac Weiner

Event of possible interest tomorrow. I’ll be helping with this one.


The Center for the Study of Religion presents the 2014-2015

Religions of the World: Past and Present Community Lecture Series

Isaac Weiner, Professor of Comparative Studies, The Ohio State University

 Evolution v. Creationism: A Short History

 Wednesday, January 21, 2015, 7:00 pm

010 Page Hall (John Glenn School of Public Affairs)

Debates about human origins constitute one of the most prominent sites of conflict between science and religion in the modern world. This lecture will explore the cultural and intellectual history of this debate by tracing critical shifts in how American Christians have responded to the claims of Darwinian evolution over the past century. Particular attention will be paid to a concrete set of legal disputes concerning the teaching of religious and scientific accounts of human origins in U.S. public schools. These controversies provide vivid case studies of the changing cultural context of the debate between religion and science through this period and illuminate many of the broader issues at stake. In the end, they will be used to assess competing frameworks for making sense of the relationship between religion and science today.

Reception to follow

All are welcome



For more information, contact the Center at 688-8010 or spitulski.1@osu.edu


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