Sounds Studies events of possible interest

Here are some upcoming events from OSU’s Sound Studies Working Group that might be interesting to folks. I’m planning to attend at least the February 9th talk by Jonathan Sterne. I’ve read a little of his work on MP3 as a medium, which I thought was pretty interesting.

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1. On February 9, we are thrilled to host Jonathan Sterne, professor and James McGill Chair in Culture and Technology at McGill University, for a public lecture: There also are opportunities for him to meet with graduate students and interested faculty.

2. On February 27, Marina Peterson (Ohio University), will deliver a public lecture at the Humanities Institute. Check out her faculty profile here:

3. Also on February 27, the Center for Folklore Studies will host multiple events dedicated to the Northeastern Ohio Punk/Rock Music scene of the late-60s and 70s:, including a performance talk by David Thomas:

4. Also of interest might be the School of Music’s weekly Musicology lecture series, several of which fall into the broad purview of outworking group’s area: These include talks by Adriana Helbig (ethnomusicology, Pitt) on 2 March; Udo Will (cognitive ethnomusicology, OSU) on 9 March; Michelle Wibbelsman (Spanish and Portuguese, ethnomusicology, OSU) on 30 March; Arved Ashby (historical musicology, OSU) on 6 April; and Michael McEachrane (independent scholar, activist, Sweden) on 20 April.


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