Artifact Politics – Netflix


What is a VHS? a DVD? It is surprising how some might not know what they are. Newer laptops don’t even come with a cd drive. When Netflix was introduced, DVDs sales have decreased greatly. What it Netflix? Netflix is a streaming media that has variety of movies and TV shows with a monthly fee of $7.99. Netflix had change the way people watch movies and television shows.

Netflix has revolutionized the TV and DVD industry. When Netflix launched in 1997, it killed the DVD and video stores. Subscribers could watch an unlimited number per month. Video stores such as Blockbuster reported bankruptcy. Netflix’s DVD service wasn’t the end of it. By having entire seasons of TV shows would allow subscribers to binge watch the TV shows. Netflix had its competitors such as Hulu but Hulu had advertisement in their videos. Another advantage that Netflix had was its expansion outside of the United States. Netflix is available in other countries such as Canada, UK, and Mexico.

To get even more subscribers, Netflix started ordering its own shows. Shows such as “House of Cards” and “Orange Is the New Black” have received many Primetime Emmy Award nominations. So what was the difference between the shows ordered by Netflix and shows shown on TV? The opportunity to watch the entire season is one of the many reasons. Television shows would have one episode each week, with commercial breaks and hiatus during breaks such as winter and summer. Netflix’s shows would release the entire season so subscribers could binge watch the entire season or watch a couple episodes a day without waiting until the next week.

I believe Netflix follows both a democratic and authoritarian political arraignment. It is democratic because subscribers get to choose whether they want the service or not. . If you don’t like it anymore, you can cancel your subscription. Also, Netflix is not the only streaming site that people have to subscribe. People can choose between different streaming sites or watching TV shows and movies the old fashioned way, television or buying the DVD. It is also authoritarian because if you do subscribe you would have to pay for a whole month. One would be stuck with Netflix for at least a month. It is also authoritarian in the video industry. It was able to cause many video stores to go bankrupt. I think that Netflix disrupted different industries but at the same time reinforce other industries. Video stores and DVD industries have died because of it but many new industries in the technological world have benefitted from Netflix. Netflix also reinforces communities and families by having a streaming site that can be shared with other family members. It created a new industry and the creative writing of movies and shows without needing to be in Hollywood. It made an online community. At the same time, it has disrupted international governances because Netflix is not available in every single country so some would buy a VNP or use programs to change the country they are in.

So what is the future for television? Netflix has an answer. According to an article from by Issie Lapowsky, Netflix believes that in 2025 televisions will have 48 million tv channels, more smaller shows that makes up Internet TV, commercials will die out, everyone will have a Smart TV, and live sports will probably be on Netflix. That is saying how much bigger Netflix is planning on growing. Netflix is known for not having commercials and as the personalization technology improves, it will be able to know what movies and TV shows, subscribers want to watch which will create 48 million TV channels. Netflix being a streaming site, it requires internet. With more and more Smart TVs in the market, people will switch to them in order to watch Netflix everywhere, from your laptop, tablet, and now TV.

In conclusion and just like how the article from Business Insiders say: Netflix started as a simple mail-in DVD service to now a powerful streaming site and with original shows. Netflix was able to expand quickly from 1997 to now. It was able to change the video industry. It created a new way to watch television. And even with competitors such as Amazon and Hulu, Netflix was able to stay on top.


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  3. Image: Netflix Logo.

5 thoughts on “Artifact Politics – Netflix”

  1. I think Netflix’s business model was really interesting, and when it comes down to it I think the cable industry dug its own grave. The high prices they charge are simply too expensive for most people, and the cheap and convenient access to entertainment that netflix provides is one thing that people really crave today. (Plus, I can watch Friends while doing homework at my desk – no more balancing books on my lab while sitting in front of a tv)


  2. I definitely agree that Netflix will one day take over the TV industry. The amount of people today who watch Netflix is so high and so many people love it for the reasons you mentioned like no commercials during shows and being able to binge watch any series you would like. I personally am a huge fan of Netflix and very guilty of binge watching TV shows.


  3. I actually didn’t know half of the facts in this article and it’s very interesting and their business boom is impressive. Even I can admit that I’ve also spent countless hours on Netflix. Although Netflix is pretty awesome, it affects the amount of time people spend inside, sitting on a couch for hours on end. I’m an advocate of physical activity and spending time with friends or playing sports. People actually binge watch episodes on Netflix and forget to eat and take care of their own health. Netflix also creates a type of fantasic world in the mind of the viewer. People watch so much of one acted society that they expect reality to be similar.
    Don’t get me wrong, Netflix is useful and I love it, but too much of anything is bad.


  4. Wow! Your post was really interesting. I never realized hat Netflix may have been the reason for so many video stores going out of business. Netflix definitely is so resourceful, I have spent days binge watching shows that I was not able to catch up on at school. I believe that Netflix definitely will expand and grow in the future.


  5. This is a great article and shows the value of netflix as a developing and fast-growing technology. Especially in this era when everything is so internet-based , netflix has no choice but to grow. I agree the two examples of power are both in netflix as you wrote. Great Post!


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