Artificial Politics – Microsoft Hololens

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Technology is all around us. It has become such an integral part of our everyday lives. Technology has grown over the years and has allowed us to accomplish many things. When you think about technology it’s like we are always looking at some sort of screen. But now Microsoft wants to take you beyond the screen. They are trying to connect you even more with technology with their new launch of their Hololens.

Microsoft’s Hololens takes your personal world and the digital world and mixes them together. Microsoft Hololens will bring high definition holograms to your real life world and they will appear on physical places. The way Microsoft explains it is holograms are made of light not physical matter. You can see the holographic images at all different types of angles and distances. The Hololens are also empowered by Windows 10 and will be wireless. Microsoft has not released an exact date on when the product will be available, but there are rumors that the Hololens will be released sometime this year. Microsoft believes that Hololens will change the way we learn and communicate. You can engage the Hololens by moving your head, giving voice commands, or moving your fingers up and down. Microsoft says that the Hololens are different then virtual reality, because with holograms you can see the real and digital world at the same time. Microsoft is also collaborating with many companies to develop apps that are also capable of holograms.

Microsoft is on to something so big and incredible. I agree with Microsoft that this technology can change the way we learn and communicate. For example if you needed help fixing an appliance in your home there is a feature on the Hololens were you can Skype with another person, and that person can point and show you which objects to pick up and where to connect certain pieces to fix the appliance. Also it can aid designers and architects, to bring their ideas to real life and see their design in 3D instead of just on paper. So this technology can be very helpful and beneficial in that aspect.

I believe that Microsoft’s Hololens imply an arraignment that is democratic because depending on the price of the product; everyone may not be able to afford them. It is also your choice on whether or not you want to purchase the Hololens as well. Technology can have a positive and negative impact on our society. Technology has advanced the way we communicate. It has helped so many people in ways that we would never imagine in the past. Such as YouTube, it has helped many singers get discovered just by the artists uploading videos of them performing. But technology can also have negative impacts on society. We can get so wrapped up with technology that we forget what it is like to even have a physical, face-to-face conversation. We get so caught up with our social media world, that we forget we have a world outside of social media. I think the Hololens could also have a negative affect as well. Although it blends the real and digital world together, it could push society to be even more dependent on technology. The Hololens could cause people to only want to see the digital and real world together and not want to take the lens off and only use them to communicate or do their daily activities. They could potentially cause us to become even more dependent on technology.

In the end, technology is advancing everyday and can have a positive and negative impact on our society. It can connect us together or pull us further apart. Technology can change our lives for the better or the worse.



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6 thoughts on “Artificial Politics – Microsoft Hololens”

  1. This is so cool I knew there were people trying to make the holograms we see in movies a real thing but didn’t realize that microsoft is so close to having it released. You are definitely right when you say that this technology has a number of amazing real world application I personally cant wait until this becomes a normal form of media.


  2. As I began scanning the topics, I saw this one to be interesting. I actually was not aware of Microsoft’s advancement to make this type of technology and I was very intrigued to learn more on your topic. I think it is definitely an invention for concern in the sense of reliability issues and also identifying other potential faults in creating something like this. I like this topic; but, the only thing I want to point out is to make sure you reread your essay before publishing it. I found it to be a little difficult to concentrate on the flow of the essay with many errors throughout. However, it is nothing that a quick proof-read can’t fix. Good essay overall!


  3. I would be interested in gaining a better understanding of how this technology stores the information it produces. You mention its uses for architects and designers who can participate in projects that are confidential, private, or sensitive. What measures could be put in place to insure this technology remains democratic and does transform into an authoritarian technology enabling theft of the ideas we are using the technology to create.


  4. These are actually really cool and i didn’t know that Microsoft was researching this kind of thing. As an engineer I’ve had my fair share of nerding over these types of things. I’ve played with little bits and arduinos and I’ve always wanted to play with a sort of hologram. I think hololens would be a useful and fun invention that would replace bulletin boards and signs, etc. It’d be very similar to the proposed digital roads that would replace pavement and would take away the need to re-paint roads and re-pave.
    Though these types of things could be very helpful to the environment and society there are possibilities of tech bugs and makes society more reliable on technology.


  5. I remember reading about this when I was looking at news on Windows 10. It is amazing how fast technology is advancing. Growing up, I always thought that holograms would be something that will happen in the future but I didn’t know it would be something created that fast. I understand what do you mean by the bad and good things about technology. I had a talk about technology with my mother once and I remember her saying how if there weren’t bad things in technology, we wouldn’t be able to improve, to create even better and improved technology. I can definitely see how the hololens will have its advantages and disadvantages like you mentioned.


  6. I really like that you chose such a new piece of technology to write your blog post on. I had just watched the video of Microsoft demonstrating the hololens, and I did not expect to see it here. From what i saw in the video, you seem to have explained it pretty well. Well done!


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