Blog Post 4

Some possible topics for my final paper/project that I would like to explore would be mobile banking/payment technologies, the evolution from acoustic to analog to digital instrument technologies in music or progression of learning mediums.  These seem interesting to me because they will all allow me the opportunity to research these technologies further and learn even more than I already know about them.

With cyber hacking and identity theft at all time highs exploring the emerging technologies such as the different RFID chips in credit cards and the newest medium of payment through cell phone apps such as apple pay and google wallet.  After watching a 60 minutes segment about cyber credit card hacking and identity theft I learned that there are different RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, what stores your financial information in the card and different levels of security with each.  Apparently the chips in the US credit cards are the least secured in the world, the europeans are the most secured and this isn’t due to the cost of the additional security measures because it’s about the same it’s just that the banks don’t feel the need to switch.  The payment through phones is actually supposed to be the most advanced and secure method of transactions because it requires a pin to get into the account and no personal information is exchanged at any time during the transactions.

The evolution of musical instruments is so broad and spans centuries, it is so interesting to see how an instrument such as the piano was created and invented and then progressed into the analog synthesizer in the 1960’s and into the MIDI technology that allows keyboards to be plugged directly into computers and laptops to create music digitally.  Humans have always found a method to make music no matter how primitive, and it has been a constant evolution.  From basic percussion instruments such as rocks to pianos, violins cellos, bass and so many more the progression of instruments due to the progressions in technology available to create more.

The different mediums and resources we have access to now to be able to learn just about anything is amazing.  The movement from in-class teachers lecturing and physical books to the e-book and online resources such as khanacademy has changed the way people learn and even created a new schooling system with cyber high schools and online colleges.  The technological aspect of new learning has changed and helped me personally through school.  Simply with resources such as Khanacademy people have access to well explained, reliable knowledge.  People now have to work at an earlier age to have the ability to go to school and some work so much but still have a desire to go to college but couldn’t afford to quit work to attend college.  So the online university was invented to cater to these individuals thirst for knowledge while allowing them to keep their jobs and keep working.  It offers them the convenience and flexibility to do the work when and where they can during the day instead of having to attend classes at a specific time and location.   


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