♥ In a Relationship with Social Media

(Note: This is a pre-writing essay outline. I won’t be using all of the quotes, the quotes posted basically sum up the ideas I want to talk about in the paper and remind me where certain topics are where in books)


Thesis: WIP

[Paragraph 1] Topic: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Video Games, etc.

  • Origin of social media and it’s initial intents:
    • Social media was initially created to allow family members and distanced users to keep in touch with each other. Evidently it has evolved into keeping in touch with the person you live with or someone in the same room.
  • Why social media is used and who uses it
    • “[…] There’s a generation of zombified social media addicts who are unable to tear themselves away from the streams of content from Facebook Twitter, and Instagram.” (boyd pg 78)
    • “there are places where one constructs an avatar—from games to virtual communities—where people go to find themselves, or to lose themselves, or to explore aspects of themselves.” (turkle pg 209)

[Paragraph 2] Topic: Identity Online

Turkle and Boyd give copious amounts of examples of teen interaction. Why do we feel as if we have to change ourselves online?

  • Online Communities: Video Games, reddit, Tumblr, etc.
    • There are problems at schools like bullying that lead to the extensive use of seeking acceptance online.
    • “Their seemingly different practices on each platform might suggest that they are trying to be different people” (boyd pg 38)
    • “I was going online to escape the so-called real world. I felt ostracized and misunderstood at school, but online I could portray myself as the person that i wanted to be. I took on fictitious identities in an effort to figure out who I was.” (boyd pg 37)
    • Another good example on boyd pg 40.
  • Online Dating/Self Representation: match, eharmony, Tinder,Facebook, etc. (what’s the point?)
    • “Audrey says that she took her worst shortcut a year before when she broke up with a boyfriend online. Teenage girls often refer to television’s Sex and the City to make a point about when not to text. In a much-discussed episode, the heroine’s boyfriend breaks up with her by leaving a Post-it note. You shouldn’t break up by Post-it note and you shouldn’t break up by text.” (turkle pg 197)
  • False Representation
    • “Allie’s MySpace profile, I learned from the demographic section that she is ninety-five years old, from Christmas Island, and makes $250,000 per year. […] A casual viewer scanning Facebook might conclude that an extraordinary number of teens are in same-sex relationships because so many have chosen to list their best friend as the person they are “In a Relationship” with.” (boyd pg 45) (I can relate)
  • How has the above changed the views of society: relationships, friendships, etc
  • How is this change good? bad?
    • Good – allows people to keep in touch and stay updated on each other’s lives. Good archive for pictures and life events.
    • Bad – do we need 500+ friends? Being online so much affects the ability to talk to people in person.

[Paragraph 3] Topic: Internet vs. Real World and Privacy

  • Desire to be accepted/popular
    • “Teens turn to, and are obsessed with, whichever environment allows them to connect to friends. Most teens aren’t addicted to social media; if anything, they’re addicted to each other” (pg 80)
  • Privacy
    • College Admission example (boyd pg 34)

[Paragraph 4] Topic: Social Experiment

  • I’ll probably ask friends what they think about online dating and how they prefer to represent themselves online.


Misc Quotes I Liked
It’s Complicated – Danah Boyd

(Definitions of Privacy)
Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis described privacy as “the right to be let alone,” (pg 59)
Ruth Gavison describes privacy a measure of the access others have to you through information, attention, and physical proximity. (pg 59)
Alan Westin argues that privacy is “the claim of individuals, groups, or institutions to determine for themselves when, how, and to what extent information about them is communicated to each other.” (pg 59)
Alicia: “I think privacy is more just you choosing what you want to keep to yourself” (pg 63)

Alone Together – Sherry Turkle

” Elaine has strong ideas about how electronic media “levels the playing field” between people like her—outgoing, on the soccer team, and in drama club—and the shy: “It’s only on the screen that shy people open up.” (Turkle pg 187)

(Turkle’s sections: No Need to Call, Love’s Labor Lost (Robots), and Growing Up Tethered)


It’s Complicated by Danah Boyd

Alone Together by Sherry Turkle

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