Artificial Intelligence

I have always been intrigued by the concept of artificial intelligence.  I think it is simply fascinating that humans are able to create a technology that can actually learn by itself and be smarter than the humans that created it.  There are numerous positive outcomes from artificial intelligence, and many more that will continue to be invented.  These effects can be seen in medicine, education. and daily life.  However, there is the constant fear that this artificial intelligence will become too powerful and intelligent.  If this happens, many fear that this artificial intelligence will become self-aware and believe the human race to be a problem it needs to eliminate.  I will further explore these two views.

You may not realize it, but artificial intelligence is everywhere in the world around us.  It has been incredibly helpful in the field of medicine by helping doctors diagnose diseases.  It can be seen in video games when you play the “computer”, as this opponent can make decisions similar in a game that actual gamers would make.  You can even set the AI to be easy, medium, or hard.  Artificial intelligence is used in airplanes as a way to guide planes safely.  Artificial intelligence is even present in your cell phone in multiple forms.  Siri is able to respond to your requests and questions by providing answers through her memory or by looking them up through the Internet.  A type of technology like this that can respond to almost anything asked to it was revolutionary when developed.  Even something as simple a calculator can be seen as artificial intelligence because it can provide answers to all different sorts of problems entered in it.

Even though there have been all of these positive effects and inventions that have come from artificial intelligence, there are still a large portion of people who fear what artificial intelligence may do in the future.  In regards to AI in industry, these people fear that this technology will “eventually…think faster than us and…get rid of the slow humans to run companies more efficiently” (1).  Furthermore, people believe that these AI will become self-aware and begin to exterminate the human race because they believe it is what is best for the planet, and even humanity as a whole.  Many of these fears have stemmed from the many movies that have showcased this exact situation.  Movies like Terminator, a movie in which a cyborg from the future tries to hunt and kill a mother and child that will eventually take down the robots in the future, and the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, where a self-aware robot tries to destroy all of humanity, are just two of many examples that of movies that have added to this hysteria.  Famous scientists/technologists such as Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, and recently Steve Wozniak have all expressed their concerns with the emerging dependence on AI.  Only time will tell whether these fears will come true in the future.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence has had many positive effects on society as a whole.  It remains to be seen whether this technology will continue to be helpful or will start to be harmful in the coming years.

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