Electronic Aspirin

Are migraines ruining your life? Many Americans suffer from migraines and chronic headaches. For many of these Americans taking two aspirin tablets are of no use, or only provide temporary relief. Migraines are painful headaches that can be associated with vomiting, nausea, and sensitivity to light. There are no exact known causes of migraines, but it is known that they are linked to changes in the brain, and also genetic causes. Migraines can also be hereditary. Four of out five people who suffer from migraines have a family history of them. There are many external factors that can set off a migraine such as emotional stress, excessive fatigue, and sensitivity to some chemicals and preservatives in foods, like MSG or food additives such as nitrates.

A cluster headache is a type of headache that can come back over a period of time. People with cluster headaches can experience multiple episodes throughout the day. Cluster headache sufferers can get the headaches at the same time each year, for example around spring or fall. Because these headaches often occur during the spring or fall, they can be mistaken for allergies or stress. People who drink and smoke excessively are commonly known to suffer from cluster headaches. Cluster headaches can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to three hours. Cluster headaches can even awaken the person from sleep many times during the night. These types of headaches can also be more intense then migraines, but do not last as long as migraines. The headaches can disappear for years, and then all of a sudden reappear without any type of warning.

A new remedy for migraines, cluster headaches, chronic headaches, and facial pain is electronic aspirin. Doctors and researchers have associated chronic headaches with the sphenopalatine ganglion, which is a facial nerve bundle. They have not come up with a remedy that has long-term effects. The sphenopalatine ganglion is located behind the bony structures of the nose. These nerves supply the lacrimal glands, which produces tears and also the inner lining of the nose and sinuses.

Electronic Aspirin is under clinical investigation at California based company, Autonomic Technologies, Inc. It is a technology that is a patient-powered tool for blocking sphenopalatine ganglion signals, when a patient feels the first signs of a headache. Electronic aspirin works by permanently implanting a small nerve- stimulating device in the upper gum on the side of the head. The lead tip of the implant is connected with the sphenopalatine bundle. When a patient feels like a headache is about to occur, they can place a handheld remote controller on the cheek near the implant. The signals stimulate the SPG nerve and block the causing neurotransmitters.

Electronic aspirin has shown effectiveness and proved to treat migraines and cluster headaches in Europe. Autonomic Technologies is now waiting for the FDA to give them the okay to start testing in the U.S. The tests in Europe were the largest randomized, controlled neurostimulation studies performed. The end of the study’s results showed an improvement in 68 percent of patients.





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