Ring ring…. anyone there?


What comes to your mind when you think of cellphones? Do you think about the usefulness of it? The appearance? Cellphones have a long history that goes back to the 1940s. The main purpose of the earlier cellphones were a more convenient way of communication. Some were fortunate enough to have phones at home but there was a need to be able to communicate to others when they weren’t home.

1949 was the very beginning of cellphones. It started with Mobile Telephone Service which were not at all like the cellphones we have now a days. It was set up by an operator and it was like a big box. By 1965, the Mobile Telephone Service was improvised by having the customer dial, instead of an operator. This still needed much more improvement because it wasn’t very “mobile”. Most cellphones were more like car phones because of the size. The phones were in the cars.

On 1983, Motorola introduced the DynaTAC 8000x. This created the first handheld mobile phone. That model is very similar to the phones we might have seen our parents have or seen on movies and television. Many shows such as Saved by the Bell and Wall Street show those legendary cellphones that looked like a brick. Being expensive, most couldn’t afford to buy it for personal use. People that used it and had it were in the business and sales world. Dr. Cooper had finally made the first handheld mobile phone. His purpose behind it was to make a mobile phone for people to communicate.

Cellphones after the DynaTAC 8000x became smaller, cooler, and better. For me, the first phone I used was a Nokia 3210. Yes, those phones that kids see as a brick now a days. As cellphones improved, the purpose of cellphones started to change. The very first cellphones had one purpose, talking. As more technological advances were created and discovered, more features were able to be incorporated into cellphones. Features such as voicemail, contacts, and games were added. Talking was still the main purpose.

Then cellphones had a big enough memory that people could add music and take pictures with it. With new features like this, the purpose of a cellphone started to shift. Although talking was and is still the main purpose. Cellphones nowadays are used for more than just talking. People can listen to music, take pictures, browse the web, text, and play games. The purpose of talking shift to communicate. With different apps and features we can still stay in contact and communicate with other without “talking”. We can communicate with other by texting them or using social media.

Many of this generation rarely make a phone call on their cellphone. They can spend hours on the phone to communicate with others through social media and browse the web but on very rare occasions, they will call someone. I only call people when it is urgent or emergency. I rarely call a person to catch up with them. I would much rather send them a text in that situation. Even when I talk to my parents, I don’t call any more like I used to a couple years ago. I use different apps and social media to contact them. I skype them more that I call them.

As cellphones keep improving to adjust our lives. We will see different features added to complement our lives. So for now, my opinion on the purpose of cellphones are for people to communicate and make peoples’ lives easier and more convenient.


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