Video Gaming Outline

Research Question:

In what ways has gaming changed/evolved and how have these changes shaped how people interact?


-Fun fact about video games

-Size of the gaming industry including basic statistics on popularity and usage of video games

-Brief background of my experience with video games (I’ve been playing since I was a kid…)

Thesis; Video gaming has evolved greatly in the decades since its creation, and in many ways these changes have shaped how people behave and interact with each other… (Going off of research question)

Evolution of gaming systems

-Video game systems of the old vs. modern video game systems (Atari, Nintendo 64, Wii, Xbox one etc..)

– Xbox vs Playstation (Innovative differences, creators…)

-Types of gaming systems (Handheld gaming systems, Home consoles, microconsoles…)

-Video gaming on computers

-Video gaming on phones

-Types of video games

-Online video games

-People from all over the world can play together, also brings in a competitive edge

-Some consoles now have the capabilities to go online, including the ability to go on social media as well as scroll the internet

-What exactly has changed in the gaming systems capabilities?

-Wider variety of games

-Better graphics

-Video games now can be seen as an artform

-Intelligence’Skills/Hardwork that it takes for creating video games

-Facts about the work that the game designers put in to create the games, or specific examples of video games being seen as art

How do people see games differently in the modern age?

-More girls are starting to play video games (Many studies showing that boy vs. girl usage is almost even)

-Much due to marketing certain games to girls

-Gaming apps on phone are often much more appealing to girls

The good vs. the bad

-Often depends on the type of games

Positive effects

-Sometimes allow us opportunities to learn, great for entertainment and relieving stress

-Some games have been proven to develop problem solving skills and logic, as well as decision making, memory, concentration…

Negative effects

-Spending too much time on video games with negatively effect other things in your life, such as school performance, lack of exercise and other health problems

-Possible social isolation

-Reality vs. fantasy

-Carrying feelings from video games into real life, again this is mainly in children

-The impact of video games on people and children in specific (including how violent video games may affect people… transferring feelings of violence and aggression into real world actions. Ex. Children have shot and killed people after exposure to violent video games)

-Addictions and nonstop usage

-Wrap up of good vs. bad

-Like anything else in the world, video games are abused by a large number -of people, and this can obviously lead to problems. However, when gaming time is limited and/or the right video games are being played, it can be beneficial in many ways


-There are many ways that video gaming has evolved since the first years that the industry was created. This was made possible by the great advances in technology and intellect. This evolution has allowed for millions of people to be open to endless entertainment.

-Weighing the good vs. bad again

-Changes in interaction

-Future of video games?


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