Advancement of Athletics Outline

Question: How are advancements and evolution of sports changing those sports?

Introduction: Present some changes being made in sports. Changes with technology, rules, athletes, equipment, gameplay. Discuss the different issues that are forcing these changes to occur.

Technological advancements: Talk about the inclusion of video review and expanded video review in the recent past. How does this possibly change outcomes of the game? How does it change the flow or momentum of a game? What are positives and negatives of the use of video review in different situations? How could the current process be improved to create a better overall system that more people can get behind?

Changes in rules: Talk about the process to change rules and how long it usually takes to get a new rule in effect. Discuss how rule changes can change the basic foundation of a game? How far is too far for changing rules? How can changing even simple rules change the game that professionals grew up playing? Changing rules has a potential to damage the integrity or excitement of the game in the eyes of the fans. Get source for correlation between rules and offensive potency, TV ratings, and attendance.

The advancement of the athlete: Discuss how the athlete has evolved and changed throughout the past. What has caused the changes in athletes that we have witnessed? Are the changes in the athletes a driving force behind the other topics discussed in the paper? Is there a human limit to how far athletes can excel and how close are top level athletes to reaching that human limit? Talk about different levels of athletes and the differences in training and routines.

Equipment changes: discuss how safety equipment continuously is changing in an attempt to become safer and more effective. However, there is also the goal that many companies try to achieve which is to get the product a light as possible. Thanks to this goal, along with the desire to beat out other companies, does the structural build of equipment live up to the same standards as previous popular equipment? Can the equipment changes cause a difference in skill levels or gameplay of certain individuals?

Money: Money is perhaps the largest change sports have recently seen. Talk about the differences in professional contracts. Discuss how salary caps have changed the way that professional sports are handled. What is the point of salary caps and max contracts? Discuss what makes an athlete become classified as a professional instead of just an amateur. Explore if college athletes deserve to receive monetary gain for their services as athletes. Finally talk about the monetary deals involved with TV deals, advertisements, and sponsorship deals.

Relation: Discuss any relations between seen between the advancement of athletics and readings assigned in class.

Conclusion: Using different sources found along the way, come to multiple conclusions for the different topics within the paper. Make sure all questions are answered and no loose ends still exist. Answer the main question about the effect of advancements in sports today.


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