Concussions: Paper Outline with Sources


Growing up, I always wanted to play football. My dad had played in high school and my entire family consisted of die-hard Ohio State fans. I dreamt that one day I would play football at Ohio State and have my name on the back of one of those jerseys. But my parents forbid me from playing football.

My parents were very supportive, encouraging me to do everything and anything that I enjoyed. I participated in nearly every sport imaginable, except football. My mom is an occupational therapist, her job consisting of taking care of patients who could not take care of themselves due to brain injury.

Before all of the concussion studies that came about in the late 2000s, my mom knew that the constant sub-concussive forces to the head that were the norm in football, could not be good. Now, new rules are being instituted in sports to protect players from concussions. But these rule changes unfortunately come after a high price.

Go into detail and describe what a concussion actually is

This article from the AANS (American Association of Neurological Surgeons) provides an overview of symptoms and causes of a concussion.

Sports that experience concussions

Show that concussions are very prevalent in nearly every American sport. I want to include the statistics of some of the sports that would seem less likely to have a concussion, like soccer.

Also, I want to compare those sports to boxing, a sport with no concussion policy.

History of research

Research cover-up

This link is to the frontline report on how the NFL has handled concussions. Along with that, it also compares that directly, on a timeline, of different research reports that came out. The response and cover-up attempted by the NFL can be seen clearly and gives a good in-depth look at how money seemed to be more important than the health of players.

Long-term consequences

Include the numerous cases of player suicide from constant head trauma and the medical consequences of repeated head injury.

How this new information how sports are played and athletes treated

This is an article about some rule and policy changes being made by schools/organizations in attempt to decrease the occurrence of concussions. It’s not just football players that are susceptible to head injury, and it might be players of other sports that are at a greater risk of concussions that have a greater risk. Culture of sports may need to change. A lot of emphasis on winning at any cost. Gutting-it out and keep pushing. Playing through the pain. Also, there is so much money in sports that it is sometimes hard to see who the “good guys” are anymore.

New approaches towards concussion treatments

This article talks about new treatments of concussions. Most physicians and healthcare providers are actually uninformed of these new methods. Nearly all coaches are completely unaware of what symptoms to look for in players. These new treatments could be very beneficial for players if utilized properly by all members of a healthcare team.

Future of concussion prevention and treatment

Boxing still remains as the only sport with out concussion policies. Still a taboo subject



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