Essay outline of Cellphones

  • Central Thesis: Are cellphones an extension of humans?
  • Introduction: Begin the essay with a fun fact or an interesting opening. Then briefly mention the purpose of the essay. Explain my personal experience on the topic. Introduce the central thesis of the essay.
  • Background on personal experience on cellphones and how it has change for me. Explain the story behind how my parents have used the old and simple phones to the new and complex phones.
  • History of cellphones: Talk about the history of cellphones. Previous blog post will be helpful for this paragraph. Mention the key people behind the make of the very first cellphones. Mention different examples of cellphones in history and pop culture.
  • Physical appearance of cellphones: Describe the physical appearance of cellphones using the five senses. Be able to describe it will enough that people can picture it. Give examples of the different shapes and appearances mentioned.
  • Purpose of cellphones: Has the purpose of cellphones change over time? Describe the changes in here. Not only describe the changes on the purpose of cellphones but also give a reasoning on why has it change. Bring in different sources here to support the changes. Also talk about some examples of the changes in the purpose of cellphones.
  1. Break this topic into parts
  2. Historical purpose of cellphones: Talking.
  3. Present purpose of cellphones: More than talking. It offers a way for humans to interact and communicate with others through not only phone calls but other apps too.
  4. Talk about the features/apps. Choose a couple to mainly talk about that has change the purpose of cellphones
  5. Future purpose of cellphone” Make predictions and possibly have those predictions supported by sources.
  • Advantages of cellphones. Mention the good things about cellphones. How has cellphones helped humans? Mention and describe different times phones have been helpful and necessary. Talk about emergencies and news.
  • Disadvantages of cellphones. Talk about the bad things about cellphones. Do people use cellphones in ways they shouldn’t. Do cellphones harm people? Are cellphones dangerous? Explain the disadvantages of cellphones and how it had affected us.
  • Comparison of evolution of human and cellphones. Are there similarities between the changes in humans and the changes in cellphones? Talk about the historical facts that are similar for both.
  • Cellphone as an extension of…… our ear? Eye? Nose? Hand? Mouth? Explore the cellphone using the five senses and make the connection of how our cellphone is an extension of our senses. When explaining how cellphones are an extension, be able to find different features and apps that allow that to happen.
  • Cellphones and our needs. Talk about how cellphones are able to meet our needs and wants. Mention how applications and features inside of cellphones are able to make our lives easier.
  • Future of cellphones. Predictions on how phones will keep on changing. Look for sources that can support the predictions
  • Conclusion: With the historical facts, the comparisons, and examples make a conclusion on whether cellphones are an extension of us, humans. Rephrase parts of the introduction by answering the questions brought up in the introduction.

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