Our Class Archive of Essays

Our class archive is interesting because although it covers a wide range of topics, the blog posts are connected by some common theme from that week. Sometimes the same person posts about one topic repeatedly, while other topics are shared between authors. For example, multiple different authors have written about different aspects of video games, while another author often writes about different aspects of music. By looking at the blog posts, its easy to see what topics are interesting to the students of the class as a whole, as well as what a specific person is interested in.

The topics that have appeared most are ones that are more recent issues, such as social media and how individuals are portrayed online. This makes a lot of sense since social media is still a relatively new thing and it affects most peoples’ lives in one way or another. The majority of the people within the average age range of the class are using social media, so there are many issues surrounding that topic that are important to the students of the class. When a specific topic is repeated often by different authors, it shows that the topic is an important one for the students in the class. While the class is made up of a diverse group of students, in general, students are within the same age range and many have been living in Ohio for most of their lives, or at least a few years. By looking at what the students in the class are talking about, it gives a good general idea of what science and technology related topics are important to this demographic of people.

Another interesting aspect of our blog is how the topics discussed in class appear on the blog. Sometimes, the focus of the blog post has been something specific that the class has read or discussed, so it makes sense for different blog posts to mention that reading, but other times a specific topic appears in blog posts even though it is not required to be mentioned. A good example of this is that there were a few posts added about the apocalypse after that topic was assigned as a reading and discussed in class. When these types of topics appear in the blog posts, it shows that in general, students were very interested in the discussion that took place in class. If the topics discussed are important to the class, many people may choose to expand on those topics during their blog posts.

While seeing what the class as a whole thinks of a specific topic is interesting, it is also interesting to see what specific people in the class care about. Some students have chosen to repeatedly write about the same topic, showing that that topic is something extremely important to them, and by reading their blog posts, anyone can learn why they are so passionate about that topic. More often, people tend to write about several different topics in their blog posts. By looking at the different topics that one person writes about, it is easy to learn a lot about that person. In the blog posts the writer not only shows what topics are of interest or importance to them, but they also express their personal opinions and beliefs, allowing the reader to get a better sense of who they are as an individual. Because of this, the blog is not only a good archive of the class as a whole, but also a small piece of the archive on each of the students within the class.


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