Right in the Feels

Outline the Archive of Feelings: Where does a community deposit their feelings? What kinds of texts are there and how do you find them?

There are many places to archive feelings, it may sound weird because a feeling is not generally something that is recordable.

A big depository of feelings is music. Music has three parts, lyrics written, sang, and performed. Each of the three parts are able to hold large amounts of feelings. Many people like a song because of the “feeling” they get when they listen to it. Sometimes, you can hear the passion of the guitarist as they play a solo or you can hear the trembling in the voice of the singer or maybe the tears in the song of an orchestra music. Part of being a good singer or a good musician is being good at connecting yourself and your emotions to the music and especially the lyrics. Music is recorded and even though it is mostly digital now-a-days, with our phones and iTunes and Spotify, it is still an archive. Music and the technology used to hold it archives feelings, era changes, and technological advancement. (for example, walkmans, cd-players, mp3 players, the first iPod, iPod shuffles, iPhones, etc.).

Another type of feeling archive is the internet. People in online communities use the internet to connect with people who have similar tastes. Websites like Tumblr are very ’emotional’ websites. The Tumblr community is very close knit and many people are able to get mental help there. Users are able to type posts, post pictures, videos, ask other users questions, etc. Tumblr has also been a place of suicidal teens to get help from someone who is not a therapist and for people to share heart wrenching stories and uplifting stories. Though it may sound weird that many people have confided their inner feelings to a community where you cannot physically be with a person, many people feel very connected and are very fond of their followers because they all support each other. On the other hand, Tumblr also holds arguments and discussions about ignorant people, feminists, current events, and people’s reactions to these events. Though Tumblr may sound like a scary place, there are also tons of gifs of cats, spongebob, and tv show quotes to be discovered. Tumblr works as an archive by archiving our mental timeline on a single blog.

Just like Tumblr, Facebook works as an archive as well. Nothing conveys more feeling, besides feelings themselves, than a picture. We have actually talked a lot in class about Facebook so I will not repeat information but essentially, Facebook can be a timeline of photo events, recorded events, and posts. The written word can also hold many many feelings. Social media sites like Tumblr and Facebook are intended for typed posts and pictures – which allows us to be able to record import events that happen. I think it would be interesting to see the Facebook posts of past presidents or posts during wars like world war 1 or 2. If we had internet back then we would be able to archive our feelings and be able to see how the mind progresses over the years and how things have changed and that’s pretty cool!

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