Research Method: Find Sources, Start Writing

A research essay requires sources to be used in the research paper. It is essential to understand and use different sources to implement in a paper. This allows to support claims, and to see where the perspective your research question is coming from. Since I am researching about how cinema has evolved the past century, I will need to make my research topic a bit more specific, and good sources allow that to become easier. It is also critical to use authentic sources by eminent scholars because they are the professionals in a given field. A research method is very important to help support claims, and allow your essay to be more authentic.

I will go about finding answers to my research through various different materials. One would be the history of art class I am currently taking, which has loads of quality information of cinema and how cinema is an art, and how cinema has evolved since the late 1800’s. Another source would be the textbook I use for my history of art class, which has more in depth information, which allows me to use specific quotes to support some of my claims. Another source would be the movies I have watched in my history of art class. These movies act as sources because they are the art of cinema, and they would be a great source to use and analyze when describing how cinema is a form of art. Also I can find scholarly articles online about art cinema, which can allow me to have a little bit more information that goes beyond the scope of my history of art class. These sources will be used as tools to help me support my research question.

A research essay is a more challenging essay to write, simply due to incorporating research, analyzing the research, and explaining it to the audience in a sufficient fashion. It is critical to have useful quality sources which you can rely on, to help make your research paper stronger. Once I have my sources, then everything else is just a manner of knowing how to use my sources to help my claims. However, that is not challenging because I already have ample amount of information which is all authentic based on putting time into finding the sources. Once sources are found a person can begin to write a research paper just as easily as any other creative writing. I can just grab a quote from a source, use it to support one of my claims, explain the quote and what the source is, and I have supported my claim with sufficient evidence. Once the sources are found through doing some research, and knowing which sources you might use, then you can rely on those tools to support claims or help give background information on a topic.

For some, writing a research paper can be exhausting. Simply because when writing a research paper you need to do your own research and find sources. In contrast to just writing freely on a topic without having to put time in finding sources can seem more easy because of not putting as much time to find research tools. However, I believe a crucial step in writing a good research paper, and enjoying to do the research is to start off with adequate quality sources which then allows everything to fall into place. A writer can pick and choose what quotes he might use based on his analysis in a certain paragraph, and when you have ample sources it allows a writer to easily pick what he needs. I truly believe if you are writing a research paper, use a research method long before you start writing the paper to help lessen the burden and to have a better time when writing your very own research paper.


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