Research Methods for Solar Energy

Writing a research paper on a specific topic requires a great amount of research and reading to get enough information to write a paper on the topic. The goal of a research paper is to teach the reader about your topic or to bring about certain ideas to create discussion. The most important aspect of researching is making sure the sources used to write the paper are accurate and come from a reliable source. Unfortunately, this is often hard to do, especially with new topics or very controversial topics. I have been struggling to decide between writing my research paper on solar energy and the new Fitbit that tracks your health and activity throughout the day and night. I have gone over the pros and cons of each topic and realized that I want to research solar energy a little more than the Fitbit. One of the main reasons I decided this is because the research for the Fitbit would be extensive and I am afraid there is not enough information on it because it is so new, and I also do not want to be working with websites that would be consistently trying to sell me the Fitbit. I feel that researching solar energy will much less stressful and more rewarding for me because I often wonder how much solar energy could impact the environment in a positive way.

In order to find the best information I will probably be researching articles on solar energy from academic databases, especially those found on the library’s website. Ohio State’s library offers several databases that any Ohio State student can access with their login information. When I have had research papers due in the past I have always used these databases, especially the Academic Search Complete database, which seems to have the most information. I think that I find the best articles, most of which actually pertain to the topic I am researching when I use this database. The great part about these databases is that you can advance your search to tell the database that you want a specific topic and not something else that could also answer your broad research question. The only time I have struggled with these databases have been when I have tried to research topics that are too broad or are not very popular. When this happens I usually resort to Google and look for articles written by scholars or specialists that are also posted on a trusted website.

As I really start to research the benefits and downsides of solar energy, I am hoping that most of my sources can be found on the databases from the library. Solar energy is such a well-studied topic that I am optimistic about being able to find plenty of information to write a research paper. I am also hoping to find articles in favor of solar energy and against it so I can write about both sides and decide what I am more in favor of. I am hoping to get learn a great deal of information by writing this research paper and I am also hoping my research strategies will work in my favor.


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