Advancement in Sports Research Question

Throughout my entire life, I have always been a sports fanatic. I enjoy watching and participating in virtually any sport known to man and I am always interested in trying sports new to me. With so much of the world changing as technology rapidly progresses, I thought it would be especially interesting to look at something I personally have never really spent too much time on before; what effects do he rapid changes in technology have on sports at a professional and amateur statuses?

Growing up, I was always around sports. When I wasn’t participating in some organized game within an organized league, I was most likely doing one of two things. I could probably be found either watching some sport related program on TV, or more likely, I could be found playing some type of athletic game with my friends. It didn’t even have to be an actual game either; plenty of times we would combine multiple sports or come up with a completely new sport in our minds simply because we had a love for sports.

A large influence on my infatuation with sports was my older siblings. Being the youngest of four children, I spent a lot of time looking up to my brothers and sister, and they also spent large amounts of time talking about or participating in sports. Also, some of my earliest memories are set at professional sporting events. For instance, I recall being a young child and attending a hockey game when a hat trick was scored. At the time, I couldn’t get over the fact of how joyous the fans. I remember watching the hats rain down onto the ice and being slightly confused as to why people were doing so. Whether it was being at a game in person or watching a game on TV with friends and family, I always found myself completely invested. It sometimes may have reached an unhealthy level.

Two of my personal favorite things in the world are the Olympics and the World Cup. Not only have I played soccer my entire life and consider myself a fanatic of most sports, but the unity that comes along with these events is unparalleled. For an entire month, the entire world is captivated by sports. Something so ancient and so simple brings people together in a way nothing else can. With the technological advancements we have seen in recent years, the involvement of the viewer, in my opinion, has increased thanks to the ease and multitude of ways to remain informed on the events. The fans from all over the world can forget about problems and wars and violence for a month and focus on sports.

I have a general love for sports. I’ve spent countless hours watching, participating, and researching them. I’ve sat through an entire triple overtime playoff hockey game without moving due to superstitions. I’ve been in love with sports as long as I can remember, and that’s not only for the entertainment it brings me. Playing sports was always a way to clear my mind, forget all problems, and simply enjoy life. Some of my best memories are centered on sports and that has led me to constantly wanting to know more about the subject. Taking something I am so fond of and combining it with topics from our class, I thought the changes in sports due to changes and advancement in technology was a great idea. Sports and technology intertwine. Both are constantly changing, and both have the power to change our lives.


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