Bees Outline


  • Explain reasons bees are struggle bussing
    • Climate change
    • Pesticides
      • Some illegal in other countries allowed in US
    • List off some things that bees give us
      • Tomatoes
      • Carrots
      • Strawberries
    • Thesis statement: Despite the fact that bees are an extremely important part of human life, people fail to fully grasp the danger that we cause bees, and fail to fight for a change.

How we use bees:

  • Plant pollination
    • Bees are transported specifically to pollinate plants for people growing things like tomatoes which require bees
    • Beekeepers bring bees on trucks to farms to pollinate and then put them back in the trucks and leave
      • This must be extremely stressful for the bees
    • Honey
      • Some bees are kept by bee keepers to cultivate honey
    • That one antibiotic
      • There is an antibiotic that bees use that people get from the bees somehow
      • I cant remember the name but it begins with P and the bees get it from resin on leaves and take it home to keep the hive healthy
    • California
      • They make a lot of money off of bees
        • I will find some statistic about how much money California is making on bee slavery

How we react to bees:

  • fear of bees
    • we teach children to be afraid of the bee’s sting
    • Many people will flail around and scream if they see bees around
    • People try to kill bees out of fear
    • People remove hives near their house by poisoning or destroying the bee hive in another fashion

What we do to bees:

  • Humans cause pollution
  • Since 1945 honey bee population has nearly halved (TED)
    • During WWII we started using synthetic fertilizer instead of plants that are good for bees
  • Pesticides go home with bees when they collect food (TED)
  • “Neonicotinoids are killing bees at an exceptional rate” (

Whats next:

  • people saw bee movie and so they are getting more okay with bees
  • People need to learn what they will be missing without bees in order to love the bees
  • Colony collapse disorder has brought attention to bees

What can we do:

  • Reverse climate change
    • stop pollution
    • no deforestation
  • stop using pesticides
    • pesticides banned in other countries should be banned in the united states as well
    • I think I read somewhere that the United States is basically the worst ever when it comes to pesticides
  • The first two are big tasks, so on a personal level we can plant flowers
    • planting bee friendly flowers in your yard can help a bee
    • if a bee is feeling lethargic it can eat from your flowers and maybe the bee will live
    • Similarly, ive seen little keychains that have bee food on it


  • Bees are good and we really really need them
  • People are bad
  • If the bees die they will take us with them
    • “If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” – Albert Einstein maybe said this. No one knows for sure.



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