Personal Research Reflection

Personal research reflection

  • what brings me to this investigation?


By brainstorming over the last week I have decided to investigate the evolution of musical technologies.  As narrowed down as this is there are still many aspects I can cover within this topic.  The real question is what has brought me to have the desire to investigate this topic further in my life?

what brings me to this investigation is my quest for further knowledge in technologies and my desire to expand my understanding of music.  Having a thirst for all knowledge in life is my mindset, having more knowledge makes you a more educated person in life in general and gives you the ability to be able to contribute something more to the world.  Apply this  drive to a topic I am already interested in and this will be fun.  I get to research a topic that pertains to my identity for a grade.


  • what about my location and identity influences how i might see this?


My location and identity greatly impacted my mindset and me as a person.  My geographic location growing up gave me a life with little to do around me, forcing me to create my own things to do to pass time.  This need to create led me to taking up piano and later percussion instruments, leading me to my identity as a musician.  Identifying as a musician and creative allows you to see the evolution of musical instruments through the perception of a musician who has a knowledge of music instrumentation and creation.  Being a musician and creative lets me see the technologies through the perspective of a technology and the possibilities for creation of music, understanding the technical as well as musical aspects of an instrument is important for being able to get the most out of the device as possible.


  • what experiences have I had with this in the past?

In the past I have had 10 years experience with music as a consumer, fan, concert goer and musician.  In the past, the main instrument was drums and understanding music structurally and translating sheet music into action is useful for understanding music and being able to dissect and understand what people are doing or conveying leads to the relationship between that person and instrument.  In addition to playing drums i’ve picked up some guitar and taught myself to play piano as well as set up live sound for concerts and been in recording sessions with other artists.  I believe this well rounded knowledge in multiple aspects of music will be valuable and contribute greatly to my paper by being able to draw from these experiences to analyze and convey to the audience the impact of particular musical technologies over time.  The development of instrument technologies have created relationships and dependence on between the creative and the technology to be able to convey them into music.  The people have had a dependence on the instruments they play and the instruments need the people to play them to be able to give off the sounds, “they’re not gonna play themselves”.     


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