Personal Research Reflection

For my research topic I am further investigating the corporatization of the farming industry.  In this blog post I will reflect on why I am investigating this topic and what roles my environment and identity as an individual has played in the motivation behind choosing this topic.  Living in modern day America and being a college student who uses the internet for almost everything plays a very key role my perception of my chosen topic.  Living in modern day America is such a big influence because America is the center of world where fast food is concerned.  Fast food was created here and fast food restaurants are more plentiful here than anywhere else in the world.  This means there is more fast food advertisements here than anywhere else as well.  Being so openly exposed to these advertisements has made me curious of what all really goes into the food that looks so good in those ads.  I started doing some research online about fast food and started asking myself question such as; where is all of the food these major fast food companies are producing coming from?  This curiosity is what initially caused me to stumble upon the problem arising in this nation, that our farming industry is being taken over by massive corporations.

I wanted to know more about what this corporatization meant for our society and what these farmers were doing differently now from what was being done in the past.  There are a few small farms in the city I’m from but I grew up in the suburbs part of town and really have never been that exposed to farming and don’t truly know what being a farmer entails.  This lack of knowledge where farming is concerned mixed with the constant exposure to fast food advertisements created a separation between my food and its origin.  Myself along with the majority of Americans don’t stop and think about where the food they are eating is really coming from and what all has to happen to the food to get it in the condition it is on your plate.

On another note I would like to reflect on my past experience with this topic which also ties into why I am motivated to investigate this topic even further.  Growing up I was a rather picky eater and both my parents worked full time jobs and as a result I ate fast food meals and junky snacks rather often.  These bad eating habits carried on into my life even when I was making my own food choices.  My last year of high school I reached a point where I was very over weight and had enough and started to make some lifestyle changes.  I started working out and eventually started to drastically change my diet, eating healthy and exercising has become a passion of mine over time and I am constantly doing research to find out more information on fitness, eating healthy, and just food in general.  Throughout this research I have watched many documentaries on the subject including Food Inc. which I watched again for this class.  Food Inc. and other documentaries such as Hungry for Change have changed my perspective of eating healthy and why more people aren’t striving to do so.  I realized the underlying cause for this issue is the fact that the major corporations that are vastly in control of the food supply in this country are only worried about making a quick profit off of cheap, highly processed foods and are not worried one little bit about the health of the people consuming these foods.  In conclusion, the main reason for me choosing this topic is because I have been personally affected by the consequences of this issue.


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