Personal Research Reflection

Throughout the years I have become very interested in learning about the environment and what I can contribute to help save it. I get very nervous when I hear about global warming and all of its negative effects, so I try to do what I can to contribute to saving the environment. However, it is also kind of hopeless because there are so many people in the world and so many that are not concerned or are too busy to worry about the environment, and I feel that the only way to save the environment is if everyone puts forth a little bit of effort. One of the biggest contributors to pollution is the use of fossil fuels. People rely on energy and electricity for their everyday lives, and I am the first person to admit that I could never live without it. As humans we have become so dependent on electricity that we do not know how to even go a couple of hours without it.

One very effective way to reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use and still get the same amount of electricity we want is to use solar energy. By installing solar panels people are able to get as much energy as they want, almost completely powered by the natural sunlight. This approach is much better for the environment, and will even save people money on their electric bills. Solar panels are very expensive to install; however, over the years they will eventually pay their worth and the consumer can save thousands of dollars worth of electricity in the years to come.

I personally have never used anything that is solar powered, but I would definitely be interested in looking into it and trying it out. With the research I have done and everything that I have learned, I feel that it is definitely necessary to consider all possible solutions of saving the environment. There are plenty of ideas that people have come up with to help save the environment, but I feel like many of them are not as practical as using the sun, something that no one has to pay for, and people do not have to think about from day to day. I think a major problem with people trying to contribute to saving the environment is the time commitment. People are not willing to drive the extra time to drop off their recycling or take the time to separate their recycling from their trash. However, with solar energy all people would really have to worry about is installing the proper equipment and setting it all up, then they would be able to go about their everyday lives. As a contributor to all of the pollution in the air and the degrading of the earth, I feel guilty about using as much electricity as I do and being as wasteful as I am. I definitely try to help the environment by recycling as much as I can, and for now that is all that I am able to contribute. Eventually I hope to test out solar energy, and hopefully convert completely to using this energy that does not contribute to the pollution on earth.


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