Personal Reflection

I chose to write my blogs and end term paper about Nuclear Weapons after
the discussion we had in class on March, 27, 2015. In class, we spoke
about apocalyptic events, what individuals in class felt about it, what
beliefs were, and what possible events could lead to such an outcome.
During this class period, we were also taught the meaning of the word
“eschatology” and that is the theory of what will happen at the end of
time. I think our class knows fairly well by now that I am very
religious and truly believe that the end of the world will be when Jesus
decides. However, I am not naïve to advancements in human technology and
the potential threat they pose. Nuclear weapons are a technology unlike
any other. The amount of power behind such a small atom is dangering and
life threatening.

As Americans, we have freedoms and safety. In our country, there are not
many threats on a daily basis. There have always been issues that arise
such as terrorist attacks but as a country, we are generally in a very
safe place. We do not have a Taliban walking around the streets of our
country or men in uniform walking around cities on a daily basis. It is
not the norm to see an Army man carrying a gun around the streets of
Cleveland or Columbus. There are not children carrying around bombs and
sacrificing themselves. America is a country that people come to for
freedom to think and live at ease.

Growing up in a place like Ohio, it is hard to believe we would ever be
a true target. I feel like people in places like New York and Washington
DC may view such powerful weapons as even more of a threat than most
considering if there were to ever be an attack on America, it is
typically in an high functioning political area of the sort. In all the
terrorist attacks in the past decades, there have been targets on the
twin towers in New York city, the Pentagon, the White House,
Jacksonville Florida, Little Rock Arkansas, etc. Ohioans have been
fairly free from threat in terms of being the immediate target of
something horrible happening. This is not to say, of course, that Ohio
is completely safe and nothing will ever happen to us here. But in
general, people of New York and Washington DC could feel much more
threatened than others if there were ever to be the threat of a launched
nuclear weapon.

Everyone has there own thoughts and feelings about what apocalyptic
events will happen in the future and what will truly cause the end of
the world. Although I believe the end of the world will be when God
decides the world has become too corrupt, there is strong potential for
an apocalypse due to the strength and power behind Nuclear Weapons.
Everyone will perceive these weapons differently based on their
backgrounds and lifestyles but as an American, I find comfort in knowing
that my country has something powerful to keep myself and my family


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