Our Class Archive of Essays

As I began looking through the different blog posts, I saw a post about nuclear weapons that was of particular interest to me because nuclear weapons, at least for me, is not an advancement that I often think of in today’s society. When the student began their personal reflection of the topic, it was mentioned that the lecture on the apocalypse triggered this topic; I too, have been writing on an apocalyptic theme, so I comprehended the interest in this topic already.

The student talked about freedom from nuclear fear in the sense that the location of the student is not as threatened, politically, by a nuclear attack. I find this evaluation to be true, because if you think of Ohio, it does not pose threat toward persecution; in contrast, places like New York where highly populated areas are threatened by terrorist attacks or political reform can be at a higher level of risk.

This country is very lucky to be so free; no one has to worry about be persecuted religiously. In fact, people flee to this country to escape this persecution. The streets are not armed with military holding guns, men in uniform, or the constant fear that we could be falsely accused of something, resulting in a beheading. It’s important to realize how lucky we are to live in such a great country that lets us live our lives the way we see fit. However, it is also important to realize the dangers that we are at risk to. We are at risk to terrorism, but we mitigate that risk when we migrate to places that are less populated and less politically evident. Thus, Ohioans are great examples of those who are in between, so there is less likely of a terrorist attack here. Like the student mentioned, places like NY and D.C. are more apt to have riskier consequences being in that area.

I like how the student was able to tie in their own beliefs into the reflection because it’s important to know where the author stands on the issue at hand. Those values and beliefs are what make a person. When analyzing nuclear weaponry, it would be good to understand that even though the world may end the way you think it will, think about the effects of what nuclear weaponry can bring in general, not only that it could lead to an apocalypse. I am sure there is a lot to go off of with this topic, and obviously I am not doing this particular project, but keep in mind the fact that weapons may not “end” the world, but that it could dramatically effect it.

The world can be a dangerous place, but here in America, we are so lucky to have the freedom to walk the streets unarmed and unafraid of being accused of a specific religion and being persecuted for that belief system. Overall, this was a great personal reflection of the topic, and I see similarities with myself about this topic. It really reminds me of how thankful we all should be to have the opportunity to live here and express our freedom in whatever way we choose. Great essay!


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