Class Archive

Taking a look back at the numerous blogs posted over the course of the semester there was one simple thing that really caught my eye, and that thing was the length and contents of the list of tags. I noticed the list at the beginning of the semester, but I never paid too much attention to it as the class progressed. When I finally took another look at it, I realized how much it had grown and how diversified it has become. The most commonly used tags are the largest, and most of those are the general topics we were given for writing our blogs. However, the smaller, less commonly used tags are where the spirit of this specific class is shown.

We were all given the same assignment and the same basic topic on which to compose our blogs, but we each explored our own ideas that we felt connected to the basic topic in one way or another. One of the most interesting aspects of this class is seeing our discussion topics from multiple different points of view. Admittedly, I am sometimes a stubborn person when it comes to changing my view on something. However, reading some of the blogs posted throughout the semester were able to accomplish just that. Not only were the postings interesting and thought provoking, but the atmosphere of the class as a whole, I believe, helped form a more relaxed and natural feeling. For example, being able to write in a way that is not completely formal, in my mind, makes it easier to get a point across. Combining with the more relaxed style of writing is the fact that I conducted most of my class work while I was comfortable in my room. Reading others’ blogs was a way to get my mind off all the stresses of other classes.

A good example of the positive structure of the blog posts was one of the first blogs I read, and it was a post about rock climbing. The subject was something I knew nothing about, but it made me think about the effects the sport has. If it wasn’t for the author posting something they enjoyed writing about, I doubt I would have had the same connection to the post. I was opened up to a new topic I would have most likely never covered if I didn’t read that specific blog post. It was also easy to connect to the thoughts and ideas of the author thanks to the relaxed nature of the text.

Being able to write on ideas conceived in your own mind is much easier than having to follow strict guidelines, and I think that is evident in the blogs posted. This led to the expansive list of tags that now exists on our site. If an outsider looked at two of the posts that stemmed from the same assignment, they might not think they have any relation to one another. The topics were stretched and used as each of the authors saw fit, and I think that is a good representation of what the class was intended to do. Reading others informal thoughts on subjects that are more important today than ever before makes it nearly impossible to keep a closed mind and remain stubborn in your own ideas. Science and technology is involved in every aspect of our lives, even in ways one may have never realized without reading what others wrote. Being the first discussion class I enrolled in here, I was looking forward to this class. My expectations were exceeded due to the structure of the class and the blog posts that I took the time to read. The blog posts present ways of how science and technology consist of much, much more than the robots and smart phones that many think of when they hear the words science and technology.


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