Class Archive

As this course comes to an end, it is great knowing that we can always refer and remember this class because we have an archive in the internet. This blog started with a few blog post and throughout the whole semester each and every student in the class have been able to contribute to this blog.

Knowing that I didn’t want to just read one blog post but at the same time not having the time to read every single blog post posted, I have decided to navigate the website through tags. We were required to add tags to our blog post and the size of the tag meant more people would tag that. I looked at a few blog post with the tags many used.

The first tag was “Alone Together”. Looking at the blogs related to Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together, many mentioned how technology is there to help us and make communication easier but at the same time with many different technological advances we are able to be closer and together but at the same time we are alone. We aren’t really getting to know and being with others.

The second tag I looked into was “communication”. With this tag, I expected to see different ways technology such as social media, cellphones, television are a way we communicate now a days. There was one blog post on this section that I thought it was interesting. The one that talked about video games and consoles. I never thought that video games was a way of communication but reading the blog post I now learned that it is a way of communication by the way it has evolved. Graphics have become better that looks like and feels like real life. Consoles aren’t just for the video games but can be used to connect to other technology such as the Internet, Netflix, and different social media.

The last tag I looked at was the “Essay Outline”. I believe this is a very helpful tag for the final project. It is interesting seeing how an outline can be so different for so many people. They way different student organized their outline will be helpful for me for my last blog post and organizing all my thoughts on the final paper. I really liked the ones that had the research question in the beginning of the timeline because at times when one is writing, one can get lost and by referring back to the research question one won’t go off topic. I enjoyed seeing people researching the facts and definitions and putting that in the outline because that way they can easily expand on it when they write their final paper. I also enjoyed reading the introduction and conclusion of many of the different topics because that is something I struggle with. It is hard for me to start a paper or essay because I can’t make a good introduction that briefly introduces the topic but also seems interesting. I also struggle with my conclusion because being able to talk so much about a certain topic, I find it hard to summarize it in just one paragraph.


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