Our Class Archive

Time goes fast. There were almost no blog posts at the beginning of this semester, and now I think there are over 150 blog posts (estimated according to the number of the authors and how many blog posts posted per author). Everyone made contribution to this blog with great variety in topics. I really enjoyed reading this blog and also found something interesting.

I noticed something interesting in tags. Fifteen blog posts were tagged as “Alone Together”. Actually, “Alone Together” was the tag which contains the largest number of topics. I clicked this tag, and tried to find why it was popular. I found that many topics with this tag were related to social media. Others were a little bit different: these essays also mentioned “Digital Self”, robots and etc. No matter what these authors wrote, they focused on something about technologies. Why did this phenomenon appear? I glanced at my table, and saw my smartphones. I suddenly knew potential reasons. I realized that we live in a world with many technologies, and many of them have already become essential parts of the daily life. Technologies have never been as important as we can see nowadays. We know what “Alone Together” is and we know what “Digital Self” is. For example, in many topics, the application of social media was associated with “Alone Together”. We use social media every day, so we have such feelings. We live with technologies which allow us to communicate no matter where we are. But with the development of these technologies, we are alone. However, at that same time we still have an access to communicate by the social media. In a word, the most popular tag is a reflection of our daily life. Also, it’s a reflection of our generation—we are the generation who rely on technologies.

Back to the blog itself, it’s a medium designed for the collective creation. In this blog, we can write and share our thoughts. And I saw the power from concentration of various thoughts. Usually a single author can write a book which conveys his personal ideas. However, his ideas will be limited by his own experience. If we can create a blog with a topic, different thoughts will be collected in it. Although there are some differences between various blog posts, readers will get more information from this blog than a book wrote by one author. Readers will be able to see more aspects of a general topic. From my personal experience, sometimes when I read some blog posts, I felt amazing to see the completely new thoughts to me. Some authors came up with something I could not do. So I really enjoyed reading these new materials and learned more aspects about the same topic. It’s good to see a blog as a technology which can generate thoughts from different authors. We have our own “think tank”, and this “think tank” created much more interesting topics than a personal blog.

For each contributors of this blog, I think it helps a lot. As a great archive of thoughts and ideas, it contains thoughts in different time period. So when we tried to write an outline of the paper, it would be a convenient tool for everyone in this class. After all, this blog is a collection of various thoughts in this class, also a collection of personal archive. Every contributor of this blog can easily find their previous inspirations and apply them in their new essays or papers.


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