Outline of Future of Music

Essay Outline

Research question:

  • What are emerging musical technologies that will have an impact on music
    • Artiphon
      • midi reideration
      • using iphone as source/bank of sounds
      • creating app to go along with controller to make even more customizable
      • an all in one compact controller
        • allows anyone to make music as long as they have a phone

I think that because it’s so versatile that it will appeal to more people, not just “musicians” but music lovers who want to create their own sounds but don’t have the money or knowledge or skill to play an instrument

broaden the scope of music production for better or worse but allow the ease of music creation, whether this is a good idea or not, having people think they can create a hit or giving people who have no business creating music an opportunity

    • Ableton
      • music production software
      • uniqueness is the ability to create and alter frequencies, filters and sounds in real time and makes it simple
      • it’s a simple interface but has pushed the envelope and led to the potential future of having producers in different rooms work on a project together simultaneously
      • interaction and collaboration of music
        • deadmau5
        • giving platforms such as soundcloud allows collaboration between big artists and unknown “diamonds in the rough”
        • the transparency of artists recording (livestreaming from studio making music, not just a check in, the actual recording process)
        • soundtrap
          • emerging technology that is claiming to improve seamless and simultaneous collaboration of artists in different places on a track
          • problem with current simultaneous collaboration is there is a lag and it’s slow, not truely seamless

  • future of music going solo, but these solo artists collaborating with each other more, and with more ease in real time.
    • Jim Morrison prediction from 1970’s (on breakin a sweat) of solo musicians producing own music
    • alot of DJ’s now, electronic music upstart
    • collaboration is happening more between them, the remix and the ease of sending and collaborating
    • is it the solo artist that causes the ease of collaboration or is it the ease of collaboration that allows the solo artist
    • both are going hand in hand right now, not much collaboration between artists except rap
    • the progression of music has showed that the future is solo artists with collaborations ( rap the last 30 years until today)


  • Audiophile resources
    • people are demanding better quality audio
      • pono
      • Tidal
      • record sales
      • headphones
        • beats, monster, bose
      • headphone amplifiers

right now there’s a huge potential shift in the way music consumers will receive music and artists will be able to release music

More and more people are demanding a higher standard in paying artists and higher quality of music that is delivered.  It’s been all about getting close to the master track that artists hear and determine is the best.  Through cassette, cd and mp3 these qualities are compressed and lost and we don’t get to hear the best and actual version of the song the artist intended us to hear.  This has been a growing movement over the last few years that I’ve been following.  It’s picked up a lot of pace starting with the demand for vinyl to shoot through the roof.  Just within the last year vinyl sales have increased by over 50% because people want the better quality.

Second the shift in the premium headphone market relfects the mainstream desires for better sound as cool, beats by dre most notably, but Bose has been in this space for well longer but really beats was the company that blew this market up.  along with the demand for better sound comes demands for better, more affordable technology to give the consumers a better listening experience.

One of the newest innovations was the Pono system, a portable music system, like an ipod that has developed their own store as well of high fidelity, lossless quality master recording of artists through their store and to be played through their player which are over 100x better quality than cd and mp3 compressed qualities.  this shift in demand for higher quality has been mostly in part to musicians demanding for such that is now catching on to mainstream.  As record sales have declined, the streaming market with platforms such as pandora and spotify have emerged as the new winners.  But all of this is changing with the latest platform, Tidal, offering high fidelity streaming for a monthly subscription.  This is putting together the demand for high quality audio with the current evolution and preference streaming.  


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