Reflection on Bees

For my final paper, I am going to write about bees. I first became interested in bees after finding out about their population decline. Bee populations have been declining since the end of World War 2. Bees are extremely important because they pollinate many plants that give us the fruits and vegetables we use to provide sustenance to our population. In addition, I find it interesting that people generally transport bees to the place where they pollinate plants, and then the bees are taken back to wherever they usually live. I was a bit shocked to find out about this process because I always had assumed that bees were a common enough animal that they could pollinate our plants without any extra help from humans. I imagine being transported in boxes is extremely stressful for the bees, and it also adds cost for the people that have to rent those bees. It seems like the most simple solution is to do more to protect the bees, so I was shocked that more is not being done. By writing my final paper on this topic, I hope to learn more about the relationships between humans and bees. By understanding how we interact with each other, I hope to come closer to finding a way to live in peace with bees.

Part of the reason I feel the way I do about bees is probably due to my interest in nature. I have always been interested in the different ecosystems on our planet and I have always felt the need to protect those ecosystems. I had never heard about the problem with bees until I lived with a girl who is an environmental science major. She had done a poster project on bees, and she told me about the current situation that we have put bees in. I was shocked that I had not already known about this problem. Since this problem is so important for human society, I imagined that people would be talking about the issue more. Without bees, many people will likely starve, and I think people should be more concerned about that. Bees give us so many foods, and as a society we rely heavily on those foods. Without bees, we would not only lose foods like watermelon, strawberries, and apples, but we would also lose coffee, broccoli, and carrots ( Lately there has been more concern due to Colony Collapse Disorder, but even still I believe that this issue should be at the front of everyone’s mind.

Awareness about this topic is extremely important because many people tend to view bees as a pest. People kill bees out of fear of being stung and even poison bee hives found near their homes. In reality, bees are not pests at all and benefit human life immensely. Without bees we would not be able to produce as much food, and hunger would become an even bigger issue than it already is. We would also miss out on many foods that we enjoy. Protecting bees does as much for us as it does for them, so we should do everything we can to keep them safe.

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