Research Question

The driving question for my paper is: how has the advancement of technology evolved and how has society evolved with it.

I want to look at society’s obsession with technology and how it benefits us and how it does not.

My sisters are aged 13 and 11, and the age gap is pretty big. Though we are friends we never have actually been too close so I never had anyone to turn to or talk to about my feelings. Middle and High school also were not exactly the greatest time for me. Because I had switched schools so abruptly in fifth grade, I did not really have many friends. I had a few friends but I turned to some online communities that I spent time on. There were people like me and they did not judge me at all. I had made lots of friends, friends in Amsterdam, Ireland, Hawaii, and other interesting places. This even lead me to my passion in drawing. They supported me, gave me advice, and I became a better artist. I was aware of the fact that they could be online creepy people but they had become my close friends. Without them I would have been succumbed by feelings of loneliness and depression.

This experience has lead me to want to understand the good in social media even though the obsession with it is bad. Like why is it that someone online can mean as much to you as someone in person? How does that relationship establish itself? and how can it be so impactful? (It is also good in that it allows distant family and friends to keep in contact and stay updated on each others lives. I can keep in touch with my papa and mamma in Florida and my cousin in New Jersey and they always look at my picture updates. And I’m always looking at theirs. 🙂 )

Yet in ways social media is bad. In person friendships have basically become online friendships. Why is that we are so afraid of talking to someone in person? Why do people hate phone calls now? Is it because they just do not want to face the other person? Why is online bullying so effective when sometimes we don’t even know the person? (p.s. online bullying pisses me off.) A guy broke up with some girl at my high school and she and her friends harassed him on facebook so much he deleted it. Some guy even asked me out by adding that he was in a relationship with me on facebook… (lol.) Why is internet drama such a big deal? I do not understand why people feel the need to digitally attack people who are grouped under an assumption.

Yes the internet and the use of laptops and iPads and communication devices have their pros and cons, but do the pros outweigh the cons? What can we do to reduce the cons so that we do not put any lives in danger and still teach our children that it is okay to be different?


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