Personal Research Reflection

All throughout my life, I have been very big into sports. It didn’t matter if I was playing a sport, attending a game in person, or simply watching a game on TV while sitting on my couch. Before I could even walk, I would have a soccer ball at my feet or a stick or bat in my hands. I had a natural love of sports and competitions in general. As I grew up, I became more infatuated with the concept of competition. I grew up with three siblings, and being the youngest, I had plenty of competition to grow up with.

If someone has been with me while I play in a game or watch my favorite teams play, they know that I get very emotionally invested in the game, probably to an unhealthy level. One of the aspects of sports that bothers anyone who is involved is the fact the refs sometimes get calls wrong. In the professional leagues and some major college sports, they have something most people never have the chance of using in a game; they possess the ability to have advanced technology to try to get the right call every time. Of course, the most widely used technology is that of instant video replay. I can’t even count the amount of times I would be in the middle of a competition and wish there was a way to go back and watch a play that recently occurred. However, with that being said, some of my favorite moments in sports were only able to occur because the use of advanced technology wasn’t available to be used. Another possible downside to the use is that it could ruin the momentum and flow of a game. Many people love sports for the roller coaster ride of events and emotions they provide.

Not only was I born with a natural love of sports and grow up around siblings that created a sense of competition in everything we did, but I witnessed my hometown sports teams win multiple championships throughout my life. Thanks to this, I became even more inclined to follow sports closely. I loved sports for more than just the competition and adrenaline rush that they provided. They give a way to learn valuable lessons and time to just relax without any worries.

For a while, I have thought about the effects that advancements in technology have in the world of sports. I never had any real desire to write a paper on it, but as I dug a little deeper and looked a little further into the topic, I found it would be easy to write about a subject I have been thinking about for years. Obviously there are many different opinions from many different people on how much, if any, advanced technology should be used in modern day sports. With all the opinions out there, I am more interested in the facts that lead to opinions. With a love for sports and competition I have held for my entire life, along with the events that led me to growing as a fan and participator, investigating something that affects sports so drastically is something I find easy to do.


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