Personal Research Reflection – Video Games

I have always loved video games, which is one of the reasons why looking at the evolution of gaming systems amazes me. This evolution is not just something that has happened over many decades, it can be seen from year to year. In my lifetime alone, I have experienced many of these changes.

It started when I was very young. My neighbor had the Nintendo-64 and I would go there almost every day to play for hours. It wasn’t until my parents said I was playing video games too much that my playtime decreased. However, a few years later my parents bought me the Nintendo Gamecube, and this was the first time I experienced some of the changes of an upgraded video game system. The first apparent change was that I had a larger selection of games to play. It seemed like what used to be only Mario games expanded to a much larger variety. Some of my favorite games were Super Mario Sunshine, Pikmin and NFL Blitz; all were much different but equally fun.

Many years later, I was fortunate enough to get the Microsoft Xbox 360 for Christmas. This is when I really started to see changes. The capabilities of the Xbox 360were something I had never seen before. First off, the graphics were much better. Everything seemed much more life-like and this was one of the main attractions compared to older systems. One of my favorite games was Guitar Hero, which was a game where you had a fake guitar with 5 buttons on it and you could strum along to real songs. This later made me believe I was good at playing the guitar, so I purchased a real guitar awhile later and tried to play, but the hobby didn’t stick. Another great feature of the Xbox 360 was the online capability. You could connect with players all around the world to challenge and communicate with them. It was very fun because it gave you the opportunity to test your skills against the best players in the world.

Many times I think back about how I got started into video games and some of the things that influenced me to keep playing them. The enjoyment factor is definitely the main reason. I have had so much fun playing video games in my life, and I have made friends along the way. However, I also feel that I have wasted a great deal of time. There are so many other things that I could have spent my time on. For example, I could have expanded my education and spent more time doing schoolwork. Video gaming is an activity that is fun in moderation, but excessive use is really just a detriment to you in many ways. It’s easy to see why the video gaming industry has boomed in the last few decades. With the invention of new technologies, the growth will only continue. I can’t wait to see some of the ways the industry will change, and I’m happy that I will be around to experience these changes.


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