Our Class Archive of Essays and Privacy

One consistent theme which I have noticed in our class is the incredible importance of interconnections via technology in our modern world. It seems that whether it is music, cell phones, or the internet, all new forms of media and technology which we have written blog posts about are in some way related to a connection with the rest of the world. We are constantly seeking new ways to communicate with each other, whether through twitter, Instagram, Facebook, vine, or any of the other plethora of platforms at our disposal. However, at the same time we are also clambering for more privacy in every aspect of our lives. It seems that on the one hand we are more desperate than ever for the next great technology no matter the cost, but on the other hand we are willing to start mass protests in the name of personal information protection.

I feel that something that has also been apparent, however, in both the blogs we have posted as a class as well as information and blogs found in the mainstream internet content, is that we are willing to begin searching for a compromise between two extremes. For instance, we are all aware that a loss of privacy is never good, and I do not believe anyone among us would ever be comfortable knowing that a random person could access any of our personal information. However, we also can recognize that technology is capable of doing some incredible things. The world has never been more interconnected, and if we constantly shut down any new project in the name of supposed complete privacy than some of the greatest innovations of the era would have been shut down. I think that there should be a distinction between what platforms are completely private, and which ones are not. I do not think that any person would have a major objection to an internet catered to their interests and hobbies. In a world in which we are constantly¬†striving for convenience and ease some of these information repositories really do make our lives easier. Having said that, I think that there are certain aspects of our lives which must remain untouched. Our homes for instance must I think always remain private, as must conversations with others unless we explicitly agree to make them public. Now, obviously on public sites such as Facebook and Twitter complete privacy in conversation is not something we can reasonably expect. However, on mediums such as our personal cell phones I don’t think anyone would be willing to allow the government to reach in and see whatever they’d like.

Eventually, our society will have to draw the line somewhere regarding how comfortable they will be sacrificing information for new technology. There are additional grey areas as well, for instance when searching for criminals and investigating politicians perhaps. Despite all this, though, we still need to have havens in our life where we know we are completely private. I feel that our class realizes both the wonders and dangers of modern technology, and all the consequences that can come with it. Judging by our blog posts, however, we remain undecided on the correct course of action to take next. In all likelihood this issue will be one of the most important of our generation.


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