An Archive of our class Archive

For the final blog post I will look back and analyze what I see in our archive of essays/blog posts.  Rather than focus on going through and finding a trend in posts or dive into one aspect of our blog posts I want to focus on the entire archive.  Just scrolling down the New Writings, Technogenesis page you can see the plethora of topics we have created in our class archive by simply reading the titles of these posts.  You will find everything from ‘Horses and Farming’ to ‘Nuclear Weapons’ in our archive of discussions.

A majority I have seen deal with the technology aspect of our class as opposed to science in the biological and medical sense of the word.  I feel like this is an accurate representation of our class coverings as well.  A majority of the readings such as the machine stops, artifact politics and writing machines focused on the technology aspect of our class.  These had really interesting thoughts of what the impact is of how these technologies affect our perception and interaction with reality.  Which, after thinking about this, makes me question what the impact of the interaction we have created among each others creating this archive of blogs and now reflecting on this digital archive and summarizing it is?  I think it’s fantastic that our class has been so fascinated with technology like the blog on electronic asprin.  That really intrigued me because I enjoy technology as well as the medical side of electronic asprin and this would be a great technology for people who suffer severe migranes and headaches.  Another blog I found great was an evolution of the cell phone that showed how far we really have come with mobile phones and the implications each has had on society.

I find it interesting that we as a class used the tag Archive of Feelings more than any other tag to describe what we were writing about and that we are all ending our archives of our experience in science and technology in society with a final archive.  Was it the correlation of contributing our thoughts into an archive and therefore creating an archive of feelings or the reading archive of feelings was so profound that it related to so much of our class.  Or am I just reading into this too much, I don’t know if there’s a wrong answer because all three are plausible.

I am glad that we created our class blog to share freely our “archive of feelings” and opinions of technologies and science right now in our lifes.  It’s great that technology gives us this great opportunity to to archive our life at periods like these for eternity really.  Thinking back, what if our great, great, great ancestors had this opportunity, wouldn’t it be interesting to see their views of issues held up through time.  Well now anyone can see our classes views and topics from this semester forever, we can show our next generation and the next this is what my views were and how I felt at this moment and these were the technologies we were talking about at this time.


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