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As I write this last blog post, I cant help but to think of how this blog has become such a vast collection of knowledge, opinions and, in some cases, expertise on different aspects of technology and technologies. When I first enrolled in this class, I had a very vague idea of what technologies really were. I envisioned them as only computer-related systems and machines. However, I learned that the word “technology” has been around much longer than computers.

From our first few topics surrounding the political aspects of certain artifacts I was a little surprised that I was not the only person to make a blog post about something music-related. I chose to write about the political dimension of the iPod. And, to my surprise, someone wrote on almost the same topic. This continued to happen throughout the semester with future blog posts and even formed the basis of the group presentation that I was a part of.

It is no doubt that my key interest involves music and as I look back at the key words of our blog, I can see that I’m not alone in finding music interesting enough to write my blogs on the topic. As I click the music tab. The archive of music-related topics is almost overwhelming to read. It is extremely helpful to be able to reflect on these other student’s perspectives. Whether I’m reading for a deeper insight on a particular topic or simply reading for fun, I can see a great advantage to having this archive of music at my disposal.

The best part about this massive archive is that it doesn’t stop at music. It is incredible to click a topic that we were prompted to write about and see such a diverse display of interests and knowledge ranging from the analysis of apocalyptic fear to neuroprosthetics. The topics seem almost endless. It is hard to imagine that this massive archive took just a very short amount of time to build.

Over the semester, we were instructed to comment on each other’s blogs for a few of our assignments. I found this to be a very rewarding experience because it gave me an opportunity to actually take time out to read several other topics of my choice. It was interesting to both learn a new topic and expand my knowledge on a topic. If I were not instructed to do this, I probably would not have taken the time out to read some of these topics at all. I would have been too focused on my own music-related topic to step back and take a look at all the other topics that were at my disposal.

Overall, I’m glad that I had the opportunity to contribute to this blog. It was an eye-opening experience that I may even take further into my spare time. I was aware of blogs and many other sites that are a compilation of ideas and opinions. But, until recently, I had never been a part of one. While on vacation, or after a graduate, I may have to create or find a blog site to contribute to and create a similar archive of ideas.


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