Central Thesis, Argument, or Theme

Central Thesis: Are cellphones an extension of humans?

In order to answer my central thesis, I will categorize my paper into different categories. I will look at the technical term and history of it and also the personal effects of cellphones on people I know. The reason why I decided to expand on the evolution of cellphones is because cellphones have become a part of our daily life that many rely on it too much. I wanted to investigate the changes of the cellphone from the appearance to the interior of a cellphone. I will look if there is a correlation of changes in cellphones with the changes in lifestyle of humans. If there are correlations between them, it will show that cellphones are an extension of us. In order to answer the technical terms and history I will research it using the internet. I google the history of cellphones and found a couple reliable websites:




With the use of these websites, I will be able to talk about the history of cellphones and expand it to a more personal perspective.  I will be able to explore more of the changes of cell phones and how those changes relate to our changes as humans.

For example, the addition of email was to adapt to people’s lifestyle. Many business men needed the use to check their email to contact and communicate with other business. Slowing email wasn’t just used by professionals and businessmen. Now, email it is used by almost everyone which is why it is very convenient to have it linked to our cellphones. We are able to access it even when we are not around a computer. Email being linked to our cellphones have also decreases the usage of regular mail. Many business prefer to send out an email to customers because it will be easier for them to access it and possibly use it when they are at their store without needing to bring a physical paper or coupon.

When you combine all the features cellphones has right now, we can see how it is an extension of us. The camera in the cellphone is an extension of our eyes. The recorder and music player is an extension of our ears. The speaker is an extension of our mouth. The memory space inside of a cellphone is like our brain. It stores different things whether they are things we can see or internal codes to make the cellphone work. The internal codes are like our organs, they work together to make the cellphone work as a whole. An example of how a cellphone might work as a whole is recording a video. It requires the camera/lenses to capture the picture. Which is like our eyes. Then while recording the video it is also recording the sounds. That part is like our ears. We listen to our surroundings. Then when the video is stored and when it is played back, it is like our brain memorizing a moment and recalling it.


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