Collective Class Archive

We have created a rather extensive archive this semester on our word press blog.  This archive continues to grow every day with more and more post about a very wide range of incredibly interesting topics.  As a class we have most definitely answered the core questions of this course by analyzing so many different types of technology and there vast range of impacts on the society we all live in.  One thing I find very interesting about our collective archive of a blog is the way every single student brings their own personality, emotions, and writing styles to every one of their blog posts.  This allows the blog to create not only an archive of different ideas but an archive of different emotions and feelings like Ann Cvetkovich refers to in her Archive of Feelings passage.  This is archive of feelings is created due to the fact that the blog posts are very open-ended and this allows everyone to choose topics they feel passionate towards to write about.  When someone writes about a topic that they are passionate about or at least interested in learning more about emotion is very present in the writing unlike in a boring paper where one is forced to write about a topic they don’t care about.  Reading some the latest posts especially the ones relating to peoples final paper topics is very obvious how passionate and driven some students are to write about their certain topics.

In the remaining half of this post I would like to elaborate a little further on a one of the topics that stood out to me as I reflected on the blog as an archive.  The first topic that really stood out to me was the topic of bees.  First off just the fact that someone is analyzing bees and the whole system around using them as a type of technology is awesome and just goes to show how many things most people would consider technology actually can be considered technology.  Before very recently when I stumbled across some information about the serious declination of the bee population I was not aware that this was a problem at all.  Bees seem like such an insignificant creature and even a pest to many people.  There are so many different technologies in our society that are solely used to kill bees.  It seems that too many people are so worried about the bees invading their lives and are failing to see just how large of an impact bees have on our comfortable lifestyles.  There are many people that aren’t even aware that without any bees to help pollinate plants many of the fruits and vegetables we eat everyday would be much harder to find in stores, much more expensive if you could find them, and some may even be complete nonexistent in stores.  This topic is very interesting to me and truly makes me wonder why more is not being done to protect and replenish the bee population.  I am definitely looking forward to reading the final paper on this topic when it is posted to our collective class archive.


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