Class Archive

Like many of the other posts on this subject, the most interesting aspect of this archive is just the sheer amount of diversity amongst the authors. This diversity goes beyond just that of topic of choice, but style of writing and the unique backgrounds of each writer had an effect on how each blog post was presented.

The ability for each student to select the topics of the majority of the blog posts allowed a freedom rarely allowed in college level courses. Not only that, but each person was also able to experience what others around them were passionate about. Having writing assignments in blog posts form created an environment of sharing, so that everyone was included in each post. Although it probably never came to mind, we were creating an archive, and through that archive, a community.

For most writing-type courses, each students writing is kept private between the professor and the individual who wrote a piece of writing. Of course, in some classes there may be times when essays are read allowed or shared, but this is still far different from the archive we created throughout this semester. With each blog, we are able to see growth in, of course, the number of posts; but also the growth from basic and easy topics, to abstract discussions.

I enjoyed reading through and commenting on other blog posts, and the consequent class discussions brought up by some of the posts. Specifically, I thought the presentations were especially interesting. It was an opportunity for the blog posts to come to life in whatever form each group chose. Topics of interest that had been written about for weeks were put on display for the class to see, and in many cases, resulted in educating students outside of their own interests. I think it was very cool to go from reading about the topics in a blog format, to then experiencing through presentation.

Writing well is an important skill that I feel is underrated in today’s society. It is important to be able to form words, thoughts, and arguments clearly in written format. This blog allowed a free-flow environment for that growth. The most important lessons you learn in a class, for me at least, are the intangible things you take away by the course’s end. I think it’s unique for a class to be able to witness its own growth in writing and ideals in this blog form. Through this blog, the class slowly created a tangible archive of intangibles, through lessons and discussions, which is probably the coolest part for me.


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