Our Class Archive

I have to admit that this class surprised me at times. If I could narrow down the main takeaways from this course, I would say that I have a broadened appreciation for and heightened recognition of technology’s impact on individuals, nature, and society as a whole. I expected us to solely focus on complex or rapidly evolving technologies, but a lot of us throughout the evolution of the blog began to realize how almost anything is a form of technology. Whether it’s the new ways that we communicate, entertain ourselves, provide medicinal relief, etc. human beings utilize technology. As a class, we began reflecting most on what we are most passionate about and utilize the most in our lives. One common technology that lots of us either reflected on in a blog or at some point during class is the impact of music technology. I find it interesting how music has been prevalent in virtually all cultures. Even though it has evolved in some areas, it has mostly encompassed the same identity throughout time. Everyone has been touched or impacted by music at some point in our lives, even the deaf who can sense vibrations, yet it isn’t one of the first things that comes to mind when asked about “technology.” I’ve always had an understanding that music just “exists”. Before this class, I never classified it as a technology as I would computers, cell phones, or flat screen TV’s. I have come to gain a much greater appreciation for what the word technology encompasses.

The diversity of this course, I think, is best demonstrated by starting each class with the meditation bell. Seth emphasized the importance of this bell before every class, which called to mind simplicity before launching into heavy, complex, and often controversial topics such as GMO’s, artificial intelligence, cloning/ gene therapy, etc. Not all “technology” has to be complex, flashy, or mind blowing. It just has to have an impact

Another thing that I found interesting is that as a class we tended to avoid these highly controversial and widely talked about technological topics in our blog. This is somewhat surprising because these are topics that are very prevalent in society and interesting to research. However, as a class we tended to stay on a much more personal note and write about the technologies that impacted us the most, or that we were most familiar with. For our blog posts relating to our final paper subject, most of us wrote a personal reflection on why we chose our topic. These reflections show that as a class, most of us wanted to write about things that pertained to our lives or has had some sort of profound impact.

In class, we frequently discussed how technologies serve as an “archive of feelings.” Our blog, in a sense, serves just that. Not only do we have an archive on what we learned and discussed in this class, but also an archive of who was involved in this learning process. As authors, we tend to think that the writing we create is a sole reflection of our own identities. If someone picked apart this blog, they would find many different, unique authors. However; as a collective class, our writings come together and create a new identity.

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