Our Class Archive of Essays: The Pros and Cons, “Another Tag, Seriously?!

Our Class Archive of Essays: The Pros and Cons, “Another Tag, Seriously?!
Final Blog Post #8

Initially, I did not know what to make of this blog. It’s not that I had not been required to use this format, blogging, in the past; I had. However, the first couple of weeks of posting to this blog were exercises in frustration. In the past, the logistics were clear and concise starting everyone off on the same footing; I believe there is a great amount of fruit to be harvested when everyone starts with the same tools and expertise of the harvest. Yes, yes, yes, I know its college and everyone needs to put on their big people pants; but, this was pitted with hiccups and frankly, indigestion. We just recently, at almost the end of the term, found out how to properly orchestrate a “Tag”, and from the looks of things it has resulted in an “over-breeding” of the species. One other writer’s inference pointed to the difficulty navigating the blogs with the sheer volume of tags; and, how other topics were located under tags that had nothing to do with the subject matter. A limited number of tags would have led to better organization of the subjects and a more focused attempt to review the blogs. To validate my point, I personally fell prey to the failure of this current “Tag” free for all. The incorrect blog was selected as my final Midterm Paper, and graded! We were asked to blog an introductory Midterm Topic blog, followed by the final paper in a separate blog; but, it appears the “Tag” dilemma led to the incorrect selection. I am more than upset at this oversight! Now I ask you, “Is this how technology serves humanity?” Not from my vantage point.
My rant being over, I do not have to like something to see the full picture, the full potential. Logistics aside, I saw the community that this blog brought to the class. It was a means for us to access each others writings on a level that provided for communication of passion, personal competitive spirit, a deeper understanding of technology and media, and a heartfelt compassion for a little creature we call “the bee”. As a tool, the blog site accomplished community; but, it did not instill the personal investment in the writer’s theme, nor did it cultivate it. I was truly engaged by many of the blogs. Clearly, the writers downed their guard and shared with us their inner most convictions, passions, and hopes for their future. I felt the writer’s desire to share their interests with us, many, presented their ideas as a means to educate. I witnessed the maturity and depth of writing unfold as the class tackled issues representing the relationship between technology and society. At the center of the portrait lay the synergistic blend of technology and humanity. As we distance ourselves from our central perspective we begin to appreciate that technological innovations may actually denude us of our humanity. That was not the attitude I encountered in the class discussions or in the blog writings. I found classmate’s attitudes to be positive about technologies’ contribution to society and the betterment of man. One writer spoke of the self-worth and accomplishment attained as a doctor simply by having the opportunity to improve someone else’s life. Initially pointing out that this may sound naive, she counters this belief with the position that it be a necessity of every medical student. Humanity needs this strength in attitude if we are to overcome our pitfalls. Writing was, is, and will always be that means of strengthening our convictions. It brings out the best in all of us. It puts us in touch with our inner heart; that collection of compassion and conscience that drives us to pay it forward.
Despite my opening, very negative, commentary about this blog site, I am eternally grateful for having shared it with so many passionate and dedicated individuals. What a privilege to have shared this experience with such passionate writers. I am truly blessed to have known you and your writings. Thank you!


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