Observation Essay on Artificial Intelligence

Many academic papers ask you to really think critically on a topic.  They require that you think hard on the topic, and do some type of critical analysis that helps you formulate your thesis.  The topic of this particular assignment for my blog post said to “write without any judgment”; keeping that in mind while I write this, I will attempt to take an unbiased view of the world around me as I reflect on artificial intelligence’s impact and role in it.

One way I think artificial intelligence has impacted society and the world is by causing people to depend on it so much.  Almost everyone, including myself, depends on some form of artificial intelligence or another that they are unable to live without it.  For example, I know that almost all of my friends cannot live without their phones.  They are always on them, whether they are checking different social media apps or texting other people.  Additionally, whenever I am walking around campus, I rarely see someone not using a some type of function on their smart phone, whether they are texting, listening to music, making a phone call, or doing any number of other actions.  I have only recently become significantly attached to my phone because I have not even had a smart phone for a year yet.  Although I have only recently become dependent on this form of artificial intelligence, I have become dependent on many other forms of artificial intelligence, which others have become dependent on as well.  One example is a GPS, which everyone nowadays seems to be using.  Almost everyone uses some form of GPS because we don’t attempt to learn directions anywhere nor look at a map.  I would be surprised if most people even know how to read a map anymore.  Another example of artificial intelligence people have become dependent upon is the calculator.  Most people cannot even do simple arithmetic in their heads or work it out on paper anymore.  They have to put simple multiplication problems into a calculator, and allow the calculator to solve it.

Now, what does this all mean?  How does it affect society as a whole on a mental and social level?  Well, through my observations, I believe that people have become increasingly lazy.  Whether it is looking up directions or exercising their mind, people have become too lazy to do the most menial of tasks.  We have even invented forms of artificial intelligence like devices that vacuum your house or mow your lawn by themselves.  We are even too lazy to do chores!  What does this mean for us going forward?  I believe that as we move forward, we will become too lazy to even move.  I know, this probably sounds a little extreme.  But the amount of physical activity we do today, even compared to that of 15 to 20 years ago, is staggeringly lower.  We are heading down a very slippery slope, one that we need to correct before we do too much damage to ourselves.


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