Our Class Archive

Reading through everyone’s blogs over this past semester I have realized that our archive is unique in that everyone has something different that they are interested in and that they continually write about. At first this blog was very confusing to navigate, probably because I had never used one in the past, but eventually I think we all started to figure out how to navigate through the blog and even find our personal interests. In fact, that is something I liked most about writing these blogs, that we were all able to write about and research topics that interested us. Being able to write about and discuss something you are actually interested in makes the homework much more bearable than going through countless articles on a topic we have zero interest in. Although I loved the opportunity to write about what I wanted to write about, I often struggled trying to narrow it down to one topic. Many of the other students in this class had something they were very passionate about such as music or medicine that they would always base their blogs off of, but I was always so curious to learn about several different topics that I had trouble choosing what I wanted to learn about most.

I feel like it was also easier for students to choose a topic when their major was one that involved using several different technologies, or when something new was always being discovered in their area of study. I am majoring in Human Resources and I love my major so far, but it was difficult for me to base any of my writings off of my major since there really is not anything new happening in this field of study. For this reason I had to go and look at my other interests for inspiration, but this also helped me realize what my interests are.

I also really enjoyed reading through everyone else’s blogs and reading about their interests as well. In a typical writing class only the professor is the one who gets to read through everyone’s writings and get to know them that way, but the fact that we were able to read our peers’ writings as well was kind of cool. It allowed us all to get to know each other on a more personal level and also provided more opportunities for us to make friends with similar interests.

It is very apparent that we all tend to rely on technology a great deal every day for many reasons. Some people use technology as a way to relax, like with music, or as a way to research and learn, like most of us have to do for almost every class we take or just for fun. For my final paper I am writing about solar energy, and solar energy would never be possible without technology. Many of the great things we have in life would not be possible without technology. I think it is obvious that all of us need technology to get through every day, and with all of this technology and science we are finding ways to be able to use this technology and harm the world less.


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