Transcription E=MC2

My topic is on Einsteins most famous equation, E=MC^2. It is a powerful, yet simple equation that has a great impact in scientific discovery as well the world in a multitude of ways. I wanted to get a different perspective on the topic, so decided to discuss with one of my friends about the topic. My friend is a doing a major in physics so he is very well versed in the fundamentals of E=MC^2 from a scientific background. I wanted to get two perspectives from him, one being from a purely scientific background, and the other more humanitarian based.

On the scientific perspective, he said it is a very powerful equation and is one of the greatest discoveries ever. We have learned so much from it, and made so many inventions because of it that have benefit society and has allowed to further impact scientific innovation and discovery. Since I asked him about the equation from a purely scientific perspective, I also wanted him to analyze the variable in the equation. E represents energy, M represents mass, and C represents the speed of light squared. Simply this really just means matter and energy can be equated and are almost the same thing. This discovery has lead us to many inventions and one of them was the atomic bomb.

Which led me to ask him about the humanitarian perspective of this equation. Of course he is not meant to understand this perspective more than the scientific perspective, but he is an academic and understands how things relate. Fortunately, he was very intelligent on the topic and gave me a good answer. He stated it was a horrific incident that occurred that took many innocent lives, and the U.S was to blame. He even mentioned that Einstein reflected back and regretted his decision of helping to create the atomic bomb. However, he said this is not the equation’s fault, because that is just a written law of the universe. We cannot change it, Einstein just shed light on one of the universe’s law for us to understand how some things in the universe works. It has always been there, and with like any other weapon, it is not the weapons fault but but rather the people behind it by abusing its power. Although he gave a great point, my only contention is that the equation should not be considered a weapon but rather like a weapon. We did not create the laws of universe, but we are purely responsible for creating weapons, which is why the equation is not a weapon. It is just an understanding of the world, and  it is  the responsibility of the wielder who abuses the power of this understanding.

From the interview I learned a lot through my friend on the many great innovative things that Einstein’s equation helped with. However, we also discussed the horrific events of what happened with this great power more than the science behind it. It is important to know both the good and bad things that this equation has done to humanity. Although it is not the equations fault so many people died, but rather the people living in the world. It is unfortunate that people abused Einstein’s equation to get to a level of creating weapons of mass destruction, but it will still be remembered with positive outcomes which can hopefully outweigh the negatives and lead people to realize that it is not meant for destruction and taking millions of lives.

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