Strategies for Interviews Regarding Medical Artifact Politic

Like I’ve touched on in my previous posts regarding modern medicine and the technologies with which it associates, there is no person the in the United States or the world who is not affected by healthcare. While the forms and quality in which it is delivered can constantly vary, the bottom line holds that all people need and are affected by healthcare. In the United States especially, this has become one of the largest and most toxic issues in the political scene, most notably with the introduction of “Obamacare.” While it claims to, and often does, help to insure countless thousands of previosuly uninsured Americans, there can be no denying that the plan itself remains flawed to a relatively high extent. Because of its far reaching consequences, to properly gauge the national stance on our healthcare system I think it would be important to interview a wide variety of people.

The first group I would speak with, and in my opinion some of the most knowledgeable people on that subject, would doctors. Physicians work metaphorically on the “Front Lines” of American healthcare. They are the ones who watch it operate on a daily basis, and are the ones at the end of the day whose work is most directly affected by it. It would be important to gather their perspective to gain a somewhat “inside scoop” on what the effects of this system really are.

The next group I would speak with would be those people who compromise “lower class” America. Many of these people in all likelihood would never have been insured prior to the introduction of Obamacare, and so are in this sense its target audience. Given access finally to health insurance, I would be curious to know just how their lives have been affected by the introduction  of this new and monumental program, and just what the pros and cons of it really are. Surely, if the group which this program is designed to help the most feels that it is really of no help at all, then the program in its entirety needs to be reevaluated.

Next would be the middle class. These are Americans who very likely already have insurance through their employers, and if not simply don’t purchase insurance because they believe they don’t need it. Obamacare requires all Americans to be insured, and those who are not are subject to a fine. In this sense, many people are annoyed by it and feel that their lives would actually be better off without it. While it is obviously a necessity to have access to healthcare, I think many people would argue that there are better ways to  go about it then to force them against their will to take part in it.

Finally I would speak to upper class America. This is the group I believe is most often opposed to the new healthcare system, and are those who I often see as being most vocally opposed to it. In all fairness, It think it would be important to gather their thoughts on the matter, in an opportunity to speak their side’s opinion on this matter.



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