Final Assignment

Final Papers

Students will write individual papers on a topic of their choice. Students are encouraged, though not required, to discuss the topic of their final paper with the instructor. Blog posts will support the process of writing, and can be incorporated into the final paper, but the final paper may also be written independently.

Due— Thursday 4/30 by midnight (unless other arrangements are made with instructor ahead of time).

Papers should be between 1700 and 3200 words. 

The papers should be structured logically and make a case for an original analysis of a technology, technological system, artifact, scientific fact, or a representation of one in popular culture.

Papers should make explicit and meaningful reference to at least one of the readings, and should deploy analytical concepts we’ve discussed in class.

Papers should incorporate at least two outside sources. These should be reputable and relevant to your topic.

Sources and references should be cited using a consistent convention (e.g.. MLA)

Papers may incorporate non-textual media (i.e. image, sound, links), but it is not required.

Final drafts should be posted on the blog and tagged “Final project” (in addition to any other relevant tags).

The final papers that meet the above requirements will be graded according to the following rubric:


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