Midterm Assignment

Midterm Project CS 2367.07, Sp. 2015

Students will work in groups to analyze a “medium” of their choice. This analysis will take the form of a written essay and a presentation in class. A medium can be understood as any apparatus or system which engages the senses and through which information, emotion, or sentiment can be developed or transferred.

The Midterm Project will have two aspects: a group presentation and an individual essay.

Group Presentations

Students will coordinate with their groups to present to the class on the topic of their choice.

Presentations will begin with discussions of “Music,” “Magazines,” and “Security” on 2/20 and will continue until every group has presented.

While students can divide up the work of presenting however they see fit, all groups should demonstrate an equal contribution from all members. Students may divide the presentation into logical portions for each member to develop on their own, or they may work more closely to create a more unified presentation.

Presentations should develop an analysis of a particular medium from multiple angles, building from the kinds of discussions we’ve had so far in class. Some key questions might be: 

  • How does this medium transform human life?
  • What does it make possible and what possibilities does it foreclose?
  • How does it interact with other forces or other media?
  • How does it exist materially or through the senses?
  • What are the key ethical dimensions?
  • How does this medium emerge and what might be its future?

Presentations can be based around slides, but they need not be. There are many ways to present material to a class.



Midterm Papers

Students will write individual papers building on the themes of their presentations.

Papers should be between 1500 and 3000 words. 

The papers should be structured logically and make a case for an original analysis of media or a specific medium or a particular media artifact.

Papers should make explicit and meaningful reference to at least one of the readings, and should deploy analytical concepts we’ve discussed in class.

Papers should incorporate at least two outside sources. These should be reputable and relevant to your topic.

Sources and references should be cited using a consistent convention (e.g.. MLA)

Papers may incorporate non-textual media (i.e. image, sound, links), but it is not required.

[note updated due dates below]

The first draft of the papers will be due to a Carmen dropbox and members of your own group on 3/4  for peer feedback.

Peer comments will be due to your peers (and checked in my instructor) on 3/6.

A second draft will be due on the blog on 3/11.

Second drafts should be tagged “Midterm project.”


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