CS 2367 as an Archive

This comparative studies class has worked as an archive by simply archiving the ideas of society. The blog contains a wide range of posts written by students talking about various social and technological topics that range from bitcoins to MRI technology to online relationships. The class contains the views of the younger generation and the older generation where we evaluate articles of technology that have very much affected society.

The class is given an article to read pertaining to We have progressed through a range of blog posts. We re-defined the idea of technology beginning with important pieces of “technology” that we cannot live without and leads up to our main project papers. We defined an archive in class as an extension of ourselves. Each of the student’s posts has to do with their interests and their opinion, which makes writing more fun and anyone can read it. Overall, the blog idea was a much more entertaining idea than writing short responses for a basic English class. It allows the class to be closer together and share more than we would share in class. Blog posts can be casual and it can be fun to read the ideas and interests of the other students in the class, it is also fun to comment on other posts and share interests on other posts. I liked this class and the layout of the class. The blog post was definitely the best idea yet for students to record and share their work, definitely keep it around!

One of the most influential articles we had read is by Marshal McLuhan. In Marshal McLuhan’s book The Medium is the Massage, he described a variety of items that were an extension of the body. “The wheel is the extension of the foot, the book is the extension of the eye, clothes is the extension of the body, and electricity is an extension of the central nervous system.” In class, a big topic that we talked about is the many ways the technology we have works as an archive, like Facebook and music. How Facebook archives our pictures and our memories, how music archives our feelings, how our phones archive our lifestyle.

This class works as an extension of our lives (insert intense music). The main purpose of a blog is to record feelings and journal about events in our lives. Journals can come in many forms and originally they were in the form of books to record in and can now be in the form of a digital website. We as students are writing about the big events that are happening in the world now, like genetic engineering or change in social norms. The blog archives and preserves what is happening right now in our lives as Ohio State students and what we love. Ten years down the road if we happen to stumble upon this website, it will be a reminder of how we lived. Maybe after we have passed and life is different, people will find it and it will somehow help make an impact or an important record on their society.