Personal Reflection – Traveling

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”

I feel that this topic, travel and technology, was an inevitable theme for my final paper. I have spent a lot of my time, especially in the past six months, either traveling, or planning my next adventure, whether it is just an hour away to Hocking Hills, or across an ocean and several continents to Paris, and then India. Travel has become such an integral part of my life that it would almost be foolish to choose a different path for my final paper – I have even incorporated it into my other classes, writing my “autorretrato” (self portrait) for my Spanish class on my identity as a traveler, and continuing the theme throughout my other compositions, focusing on interconnection and changing perspectives. For some reason, travel has been a common thread in my life for as long as I can remember, so it just feels natural to explore the topic in depth, and to approach it from a different angle.

What’s weird is that it is hard for me to specifically pick out a part of my identity that makes travel so important for me. I have always valued freedom, freedom to do what I want, freedom to follow my dreams, freedom to have room to breath, and I feel that travel follows that value. It could be a consequence of growing up in Ohio, where the cloudy skies in the winter feel like a suffocating blanket, that drives me to explore and experience more. The lack of diverse landscapes could be the driving force. My travel bug could also be a result of my parents, and their influence. I remember going with them to COSI as a kid, getting to experience a taste of the things that the world offers us. They were also the ones who took my brother and I all over the country when I was going through elementary and middle school, and it’s because of them that I have had the opportunity to go out west and hike through national parks, and experience places that I don’t have the words to describe, because they just take your breath away. I recognize how lucky I am to have had these experiences, and it is partly because of those experiences that I feel the need to continue to see more, travel more, and do more.

However, if i had to name one intrinsic part of me that makes me want to travel and explore, it would be the fact that I read constantly. (Or, at least, I did. Now, I read when I have time.) When I was younger, though, I devoured books. I knew the librarians quite well, and would go and check out stacks of books every week or so. Those books gave me so many different ideas and perspectives, and so many different pictures of the possibilities that exist in the world, that they still influence me today. I feel that this reading has taken me everywhere through the eyes of others, and now it’s time for me to visit these places and to see them through my own eyes, and to share my perspectives.