Personal Reflection – Live Music

The main reason I have been brought to writing about live music stems from my childhood love of music. It started early in my life when my mom would play music throughout the house as I would play with toys, or whatever I did when I was a little kid. I remember her always playing the local Christian radio station: 104.9. As I was growing up, I remember wanting to branch away from that style of music and see what other types there were. This started my true passion for music. I started to see for my self how many genres of music there are and how each one can affect you mood in different ways. This added to the appeal I was already developing toward music.

When I was around 10 or 11, my parents came home from a neighborhood yard sale. They gave me my first acoustic guitar. Looking back at the guitar, it was in terrible condition. But, I didn’t know the difference. I had a church that I grew up in and there was a guy there that would play an acoustic guitar for service. I asked him to teach me how to play and he showed me the main four chords: G, C, D, and E. From there, I self taught myself to play by reading tutorials and listening to music and trying to imitate it the best I could. This solidified my interest in music, specifically toward live music.

After a while of learning to play guitar, and along with going to a few different churches, I was introduced to a pastor that was in need of some more instruments in the music that was played at his church. Adding instruments would create more depth to his services. This was important to him to enhance the overall mood of either praise or prayer. This experience was valuable to me to see the effect playing music for an audience and the mood that you are about to contribute to.

My love for live music started early. I’ve been to so many concerts that it’s difficult to place which concert was my first. I remember the local radio announcing when some of my favorite bands were coming to town and I always made an effort to go out to them. When I would go to a show I was always drawn to the energetic environment that the concert had. I typically went to hardcore and metal concerts, which have an incredible amount of energy to them. In addition to this energy of the crowd, I was amazed at the fact that something that an artist created had such a profound effect on such a large amount of people. In seeing them jump around and perform, the band member seemed moved by their own music as well. This may or may not have been an element of their stage performance, but it had a profound effect of the audience. This added to the desire to listen, learn, and now perform music.

I found out early on that forming a band is a little more difficult to accomplish than I originally thought. However it was still a good time to get together with my brother and play guitar while he played drums. I’ve had many fond memories of getting together with like-minded friends and playing music with them. Being around people with similar interests in music, along with my experiences with concerts has given me a strong bias toward how I perceive this topic.

Research Methods for music technology innovations

To find answers i will primarily use the google search engine to find results along with using the library system to find any articles or journals on hand to help.  The relevant class text I plan on using would be “The Machine Stops Reading” if I were to chose music production progression as my topic of research.  I could write a paper on multiple aspects of music production.  Some of the avenues I could explore would possibly be analyzing the history of  all musical instruments, or choose to narrow down and look at a particular technology that was a game changer or new progressions in music technology currently.  I would conclude from these analyzations the impact that it had on music, sonically, and production wise.

I have a knowledge of music as a percussionist, music appreciator and keep up with  what is currently going on in music technology, so I would use that knowledge as a tool in addition to websites and forums for music production.  Another great addition to researching through online mediums and my knowledge will be the resources and access to history of rock n roll materials I still have access to.  In class we brought up the emerging technologies in music and showed how that changed music and shaped the sound of generations.

  Through these analyzations I would seek to answer the questions, what is the effect electronic instrumentation and music has had on the distinction of composition versus performance, speculate on current technologies and what their impact will be on the future of music, and are we really progressing and innovating in music today or just rehashing old stuff with new sounds (blurred lines and stay with me).  The effect that electronic instrumentation has had on music is enormous on so many different spectrums in music, the sounds you can now create, the ease at which artists( or people who have no business making music at all) can create music and the most interesting to me, the isolation it has promoted to to music makers.  Back in the good old days you needed a band to get a full sound with an audio engineer, producer and loads of other people to make music.  Now all of those titles have converged into one, the solo artist who can create music by themselves whether it lenny kravitz playing every instrument on their records or skrillex who creates all sounds on his computer and produces them himself.  Technology has made available the resources for there to be a all in one musician which interests me because of the progression of what is now possible, it fascinates me.  Also live technology has had the implication of going to a show and seeing one person, i’ll again use skrillex as the example, up on stage on their computer.  Now are they even doing anything up there, who knows it could all be playing off of a prepared usb stick, ask calvin harris when he had to cancel his tour because he lost his.  Does this add to a live performance or make it boring compared to seeing 5 guys in a band up there moving around and dancing and all that crazy stuff?